How to create a YouTube channel ? I consider this question way too easy to be asked around, but for the sake of this article I will walk you through the steps of creating a good YouTube channel and how to upload videos to your YouTube channel. Some don’t see a need to own a YouTube Channel, but as a blogger or vlogger, you will do well to own a YouTube channel, here are some importance of owning/having a personal YouTube channel for your blog. So let me walk you through the steps.

Steps To Creating YouTube Channel

Google Account

       The very first step in creating a YouTube channel is creating a Google account, don’t get this wrong, a Google account is same as Gmail, just that Gmail means Google mail , Google platform is linked together in such a way that once you have a Gmail account you already have account on all Google services, all you have to do is activate any features of the new Google service you want to use and start using it, very easy and straight forward right ?

YouTube Channel Details

          You can give your channel any name you see fit but be note that other details such as Google account name and address will be same as the one you used in signing up for your Gmail account, your details will be automatically fetched from Gmail database for your YouTube channel, so if you need to change your name and address you can only do that from your Gmail account settings options.

Graphical Contents

          This section has to do with your profile picture, if you’re creating a channel for your blog them it’s important your profile picture and channel header image all screen your site’s name, in designing them you have to be cautious of the dimension so your artwork won’t be cut out when you upload it.

Google Profile Picture

       The Google profile picture is same across all Google platforms, meaning the same picture saying on your YouTube will the same showing on your Google Hangout, Google+ and for all other Google platforms.

To have a good profile picture , you need to be mindful of the dimension, the dimension for Google profile picture is 800×800 pixels, a very good is displayed below.

Good Head Banner

          This is a very Good example of a YouTube channel header below with the correct dimension of 2560 x 1440 pixels, but you won’t be using the whole of this for your design, if you do then, some part of your design won’t show. For this reason you are advised to use 1546 x 423 pixels for your text and logo

 So with this you’re ready to go, create awesome videos and explore YouTube.

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