Are you looking to create a great looking 3D cover image to help promote your latest book? Save yourself the time and money of having to hire graphic designer by creating a good cover for your book.

All you need is a basic knowledge on graphic design and you are good to go. Let’s assume you want to create a 3D cover for your latest book titled “Life Hacks to Internet Marketing in Nigeria” and you come up a design like the ones below.

Basically what we need is the front cover and the spine of the book, we need to have them designed separately like the ones we have above, you can use Corel Draw for your design or you can contact me for your E-cover design as we have tons of good feedbacks from our buyers on fiverr and in Nigeria as well. Once you have your front and spine cover designed then you what you need next is Photoshop, if you’re very skilled at Photoshop then you can find your way as how to turn your flat front and spin cover design to 3D cover, if you’re not skilled then you will need an action script to help you create the cover easily, you can download the action script here () , the script is only compatible with Photoshop CS5, so be sure you have  Photoshop CS5 installed on your computer.

Without further waste of time let’s head straight Photoshop and create our cover.

  • Launch Photoshop CS5
  • Click on window button on the Photoshop interface and click actions to make the option available on the home screen, window>>actions or use the command ALT +F9
  • Click (double click) on the action script file on your computer and it will load immediately into your Photoshop CS5 and display like this.
  • Click on step 1 and click on play button, check the image below.
  • After the first step is done executing, you will see the below screen shot , now click on layers at the down left corner and delete those layers with the capital letter T on them, they are just no dummy content to put you through on how to do the layout of your cover. The circled texts are of no use and you don’t delete them they will end up showing on your cover and that you won’t like as it will be a mess.
  • After you are done deleting the dummy texts layers then you should have something like this below.
  • On the plain screen you have, drag your front and spine flat cover and drop them in the respective space created for each, be sure to drag them by the tip to make them fit to the provided space, if you do it correctly then you should have something like this, be sure the click on the mark symbol after placing each image on its provided space to make it stay permanently without causing issues.
  • The next step is the step 2, click on the step 2 and click on the play button at the down right corner and hold on for the magic to happen! After the whole abracadabra then you should have something like this.
  • That’s it, just save your cover and use it, cheers!!!


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