How to add your Getbarter virtual debit card to your Paypal account


Getbarter virtual debit card is a disposable debit card that can be used for wide of services which includes shopping online from big E-commerce site, it can be used as means of payment, it can also be used to very USA Paypal account. some of its importance includes;  it provide an easy secure way of transaction, it is highly flexible, easy to use and zero loss.

So the be able to add Getbarter virtual debit card to Paypal account you must already have a  USA Paypal account and a virtual debit card created on Getbarter platform. If you are yet to have a verified USA Paypal account I will suggest you read on How to open a USA verified Paypal account in Nigeria you can also read on How to create a virtual credit card if you do not have one yet.

I presume you already have your Paypal and Getbarter virtual debit card at this point so let’s fast-forward to how you can use your virtual card to verify your USA Paypal account.

N:B  always use VPN before you attempt signing in into your USA Paypal account to avoid Paypal limitation. Once you are logged in successfully to your Paypal account here is the interface that you will see.

Login into your Getbarter account and click on card option and you will see your active card this way, note: I created this card so the details will be different from yours, for the sake of this article I will use mine as example.

The next thing to do is switch to your Paypal tab on your web browser, scroll down a bit and click on “Link a Card” under the Bank and Cards section.

On the page you will see two options which are “Link a debit or credit card” the second is “Link a bank account” click on the first option which is “Link a debit or credit card”

On the next screen you will get a form to fill in your card details which are ;

  1. Debit or credit card number: this the 16 digit on your Getbarter virtual debit card, kindly enter those number into the provided space.
  2. Please enter valid date: this is the expiry date of your card, enter the date in the provided space for it.
  3. Enter card type: on the drop down button click on it and select the appropriate card type, I’m using visa card so I will just select Visa from the options.
  4. Please check your security code: this section is referring to CVV code, this is the 3-digit code at the back of your debit/credit card. Since we are using a virtual debit card it does not have a back-side it on has a single side which is the front, the CVV code will display XXX at first don’t panic all you have to do is click on the XXX and the 3-digit code behind will be visible. Enter the code into the provided space on your Paypal screen.
  5. The last box on the form will need you to enter your debit card billing address, kindly enter the address linked to your Getbarter virtual debit card into the provided space, click on “Link Card” and BOOM! Your debit card balance will appear on your Paypal after go to your dashboard.

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