How to create a virtual credit card


What are virtual credit cards? Virtual credit cards, sometimes  known as a disposable credit cards, is a randomly generate, temporary credit card numbers that you can use while shopping online. In some cases, the number can be can be also be linked to a maximum charge amount designated by the cardholder.

These disposable cards numbers are designed to protect your actual account number from falling into the wrong hands. For example, if there is a data breach at a retailer where you shop, your real account is protected. If a merchant only has your disposable card number, then it’s more difficult for potential fraudsters to access your credit card account to make unauthorized purchases.

There are many virtual credit cards services out there but I will be explaining just one in this article which is getbarter. To open an account with getbarter you don’t need money or means of identification, all you need is the basic info opening an account online which are, e-mail address, phone number, name and some pretty little stuffs, I’m sure you have that in place and you don’t then you can use alternative sign up by using your facebook account.

Once you visit on your web browser you will get this interface.

Click on the login/register button and fill the form or use alternative sign up method which is facebook, to use this method your facebook account must be logged in on the current browser you are using, this way, getbarter automatically auto fill the form and you’re good to go. One advantage of this method is that you do not have too remember your login details, all you have to do is login to your facebook, open a new tab and open getbarter site and use the alternative login method and you are in.

Once you are logged in you need to fund your get barter wallet with Naira, to do this, you will make use of your local ATM cards, the minimum amount you need to create a getbarter virtual debit card is $10, that’s about #3,850. To be on safer hand I will advise you fund your wallet with #4,000.

To do this you click on wallet and scroll down to FUND NGN wallet and you get a form asking you to type the amount you wish to fund your NGN Wallet with. Write #4,000, hey you must have more than #4,000 in your account to carry out the transaction.

The next  interface will ask you how would like to pay, you can use pay with bank or pay with card, I will be using pay with card in this article so I will click on pay with card.

The next interface will show boxes where you will enter your card details (card number, valid till and cvv). The card number is the 16 digit numbers in front of your card, the valid till is expiry date of the card and cvv is the 3 digit at the back of the card.

Once you’re done filling the form you proceed to the next page which will ask you to enter your 4-digit card pin to authorize the payment, enter your ATM CARD security pin code.

The next page that will display will be a form asking you to enter the OTP (ONE TIME PASSWORD) sent to the phone number linked to your bank account, once you get the code, enter it into the box and click Authorize Payment.

Now your NGN wallet has been funded so it’s time we use the funds in your NGN wallet to create your virtual card.

Steps to follow in creating your virtual debit card with your NGN fund

  1. Click on drop down menu and click “card” from the menu.
  2. The new page will display “create new card” button, click on the button

  1. Enter the name you want to be displayed on your virtual card, I will enter my name for sample.
  2. Leave card currency as USD ($Dollars), enter amount you want to load on your new virtual card, enter the amount in $USD but be sure the amount is not less than $because that is the minimum amount you need to create a virtual debit card on getbarter.
  3. The next option is card type, here you’re advised to choose “Regular”
  4. This step is very important, you will have to choose wallet to debit from, choose NGN wallet because it is the only wallet you have funds in.
  5. You will also be asked to asked to enter the total amount to be deducted from your NGN wallet to fund your $USD virtual debit card. N:B you don’t have to fill this space as the system will automatically display $10 equivalence in NGN.

  1. Click on “CREATE CARD”

The next page you will be asked to set card address and some pretty details and you are good to go.

This card can be used to buy stuffs online from sites like ebay, amazon, walmart and many more. You can also use this card on site that does not accept Nigerian debit cards, you can create as much as possible numbers of this card to pay your staffs on it, you can also create one for your child to monitor his/her spending instead of giving out your local bank credit which may expose such card to risk. Also note that these card can be used to verify your USA Paypal account, read an article on how to open a USA verified Paypal account here or learn how to add your new virtual debit card to your new USA Paypal account.

After creating your virtual credit card, you can add it to your USA PayPal account to verify it so you can send and receive money with it, learn how to add your virtual credit card to you PayPal account.

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  1. You really tried brother. This is one of the most reliable update I have gotten from the internet.
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  2. In creating your virtual credit card ,a page will display asking for your “set card address” is it your Nigeria address you will fill or a US virtual address will be given,since that is the address you use to fill your US PayPal business account

    • You use a foreign address since the PayPal account is foreign , getbarter have made changes to their site and it’s pretty hard to use cards created on flutterwave.getbarter for PayPal account verification,you need to have an account on

  3. To be candid you have broken in me a long time yoke- how to get a USA verified PayPal account. someone promised to do it for me on payment of #17,000 which I’m yet to get since.
    this writing writing is a total liberation to me towards my online career as a beginner.

    thank so much bro Solomon.


  4. I wish to commend you for your selfless service on this Platform
    I am not sure there are two like you on the web – giving out sensitive information for free
    Don’t relent

    I have two questions
    Can I use my Dollar denominated visa card that is linked to my dorm account to get this virtual card?

    Can I withdraw my earnings on Paypal through this virtual card?

    Thanks once again

  5. Every good information and promising many will sale this method Am happy coming across it my brother you really try keep it up more money to your bank acccount

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