How to create a virtual USA or Canada phone number


Creating a virtual phone number is pretty easy these days, most services will require you to pay a fee for keeping the number the service provider will generate for you but there are some few that does not charge you to own and perform the basic task with your new number, these basics tasks include calling and calling, in the case of TextNow you can only call USA and Canadian numbers, Textnow offer awesome services so I recommend them, you can use their number to verify paypal account, I mean USA Paypal account. If you do not know you can run a USA Paypal verified account from Nigeria then you can read the article below.

How to open a verified Paypal account in Nigeria

The next virtual number service I will recommend is TextMe, their service is also awesome as you can use the number they give you to receive confirmation code from facebook or any other online site that requires you to input a USA number to receive a verification code. I am not sure if the numbers they provide can be used to create a foreign whatsapp account .
Kindly note that you will need a VPN (VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK) to use these virtual numbers, one good VPN I do use is Windscribe it works perfectly for me but any other VPN should work fine too so you don’t have to ditch your current VPN for Windscribe if you already have one.
Here is the download link to TextNow, TextMe and Windscribe.

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