How To Make Fake Video Call


Making a video call via Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat , Google hangout and all other apps that offer the features used to be fun and genuine not until people start faking it. People are currently on the look out on ways to make video calls impersonating other people, mostly celebrity.

Hey! Couple of others uses this video features for online presentation , seminar and webinar so I won’t say it’s a bad thing to know about this feature and I how to set it up on your computer and utilize it whenever the needs arises. One more thing, you can debunk scams this way when they put up the short video and pass a generic message without mentioning your name and bla bla bla. Sorry I slipped, I am by no means an expert in catching/exposing scam and moreover I just want to teach you how to make the call and it’s left to you to use it for whichever purpose that suits you. (do not use it for scam).


I will only explain this video call method for Google hangout, the method is practically the same across all platforms so let’s get down to business of the day. To make this call you will need a Google hangout  account, once you have a Google mail (Gmail) address, it’s always in this format ,   you need a software to help you with video call, I will recommend  ManyCam because that is what am going to use for the sake of this write up.

  1. First thing to do is launch your ManyCam software or app, you should get the screen shot below.

2.Click on the + button circled below and select media files from the pop up options.

3. Select the video file you will like to play via your video call and it will be loaded to your ManyCam screen, for the sake of this tutorial, I will be using a model’s video , her name is instagram handle is make up with fateema. Now our video call is ready so next thing is log on to your Google hangout account and do the follow settings.

4. Click on the video call button on the hangout home page when you’re logged in, N:B this video call can only work on laptop or desktop as I have not tried it on phablet or palm top, I tried it on my android phone it didn’t work.


5. A new screen will pop up showing a box asking you to input a email address to invite someone to the video call, close the small dialog box and click on the settings icon.

A new dialog box will be appear on your screen, click on the video option and choose ManyCam virtual webcam. And close the tab.

Now that’s all, so anytime you want to make this call, load whichever video you want to use in to ManyCam, open your hangout and dial anyone, once the person you are calling pick up the call, he or she will appear on your screen, but on the other side the video you uploaded in your ManyCam will appear on the screen but it will remain static, all you have to do head on to your ManyCam app and click on play so the video can start playing and remember to stop the video at the appropriate time incase you have a lengthy video and you don’t intend play it all. Simple as that.

ManyCam have many features so you can play your way around it’s user interface (UI) to further enhanace your video quality and rendering, you can also mute the video and can sure do couple of other things, have fun.

Hey! There are many more webcam software out there and you can use anyone of your choice as you should get the same outcome but I choose to ManyCam cause that’s the only one I have used and it work well for me.

We will love to hear from you so kindly drop a comment and let us know if this write up is helpful , you can also let us know if you have any question/suggestion and please kindly share this article on your social media account(s) so others can benefit from it as well….CHEERS!!! J


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