How To Raise Money


As they say: money doesn’t grow on trees! So when you really need money, whether it’s for a charity, or your child’s school, your personal needs or wants ,or you want to start a business , where do you get all that cash? Below you’ll find many ideas to help with any situation; use the headers to find the right section to help with your specific goal.

1.Sell your skill(s)

The best way to raise money is to monetize your skill(s) what is skill? Skill is the ability to do something well or a ability to use one’s knowledge effectively and readily in execution or performance. Skill may be learned or just natural ability, whichever categories yours fall into you can sure make money by rendering it to the outside word. Take for example you know how to sew apparels or garments and you have the equipment then you can learn some good social media adverts ,put that into practice and bring in more customers and by so doing the money come alongside it. There are platforms where you can offer your skills in exchange for money , such platforms include fiverr , freelancer, upwork etc where you get paid to write articles, proofreading, graphic design, web design , voice over and many more. These are skills you can learn within 2 weeks and start earning $Dollars by rendering the skill as services on any of the aforementioned sites above.

2.Apply for grants

Unlike loans grants are funds that you apply for and when given you don’t have to pay back , sounds good right ? Just that this time you have to have the brightest reason before you can be given such money for your usage, there are several companies that offer grants all over the world such companies includes Bank of Agriculture (BOA), Chan Zukerberg foundation , The Bill and Melinda Gate foundation etc. To know more about companies that offer grants click here.


Are you good at any course or subject that people might want to learn? Why not get a flyer that states your services in details ,this includes hours and the amount you charge, place the flyer in your school or a lower school and try to make right connections this way you will get hooked up with people needing your service. You can also offer your service on freelance sites or simply log on to and set up your profile and you will meet people who needs your service. You can click here to read about great platforms where you can offer your tutoring service.

4.Online Crowdfunding

There are now a number of websites devoted to online fundraising. You will want to choose one which is reputable and associated with the kind of project you’d like to do. For example, Kickstarter and Indiegogo are the two most popular platforms for arts projects and creating physical products for sale, where GoFundMe, Fundly, and Crowdrise are for charities and individuals raising money.[1]



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