How to setup 2FA on Paxful account

Keep your paxful account safe from rippers


Two Factor Authentication popularly known as 2FA is a multi-factor authentication that requires more than one input from persons trying to access an account, such individual must pass the multi-level security system to be able to gain access to such account. The 2FA in most cases ask for what only the authorized user has and what the user is, for example after you might have entered your correct login details (username inform of email and a valid password) the 2FA system will require you to provide a One-Time Password (OTP) before you can login, most banking apps deploy this method, an OTP can be set in place to keep asking for OTP anytime you want login to your account or anytime you are about to access your account from a new device/browser , personally I set mine up in such a way that anytime I am about to login from a new browser or device I will have to provide an OTP and anytime am about to send Bitcoin out of my Paxful wallet I will have to provide an OTP, this way an hacker will not find his/her way into my account and do away with all my hard earned Bitcoin, it once happened to me and I don’t want such ugly situation to repeat itself, to get bitcoin on paxful you have to buy it with Paypal funds or gift cards, i have an article to put you through on how to redeem your gift cards on paxful. Also know that there are many ways your Bitcoin can be stolen, if you try to sell it on whatsapp to people you don’t really know, people with no traceable identity then there are high chances of you getting scammed , so for this reasons one  must be very careful, personally I have a separate exchange service called SLOO xchange, I have a website for it where I buy PayPal funds, Bitcoin and gift cards, my rates a very friendly, you can reach me on whatsapp via +2349013028491. Sorry for the interruption of my advert, I hope you understand I set up this blog to dish out free premium content and it cost a small fortune and time to run so it won’t be a bad thing if I chip in advert of my other personal business (winks winks).

With all the being said I will assume you have a Paxful account already and the next thing is to setup a 2 Factor Authentication on it.


  • Login to your Paxful account and click on click the drop down arrow beside your profile and click on settings.
  • Click on the security button at the left site if you’re accessing Paxful site from a window browser. Here is a screenshot below so you can get what I’m trying to say here.
  • The next screen will show 2-FACTOR SETTINGS then you scroll down to the part that says “Login 2-Factor” it will show if there is any 2-Factor set on your account already, from the screenshot below there’s no any 2-Factor on the account it showing “NONE”. the next thing showing is “SMS” this means you can use your mobile number for 2-factor registration, this way you will get OTP messages sent to your phone anytime you want to login or send out Bitcoin depending on how you want it to work. I will advise you don’t use the SMS method, so you scroll down to the part that says “GOOGLE AUNTHENTICATOR or AUTHY” , I have tried Google Authenticator before, the only problem I have with it is that when you change your device or lost it then it will become extremely difficult to have access to your Paxful account so I will strongly suggest you use AUTHY, you download the Authy app from Google play store, click on the line that says GOOGLE AUNTHENTICATOR or AUTHY”  
  • Once you download the app it will require you to input a key generated on the Authy app into a space provided for you on the Paxful page, enter the key correctly and move on

Cheers!!! Now you won’t have to worry about hackers again because the 2-factor Authentication will make their life difficult and they will end up not succeeding in any attempt to steal your coins.

Hey I got to know if you really read and understand this, how I know if you understand this write up. Drop a comment, if you feel it’s not explanatory enough, drop a comment, if you have further question, drop a comment, I can only be happy when you drop comment. So hope to hear from you all my readers soon.

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