Is cloutpay or clout pay real or scam


Clout pay , scam or legit?

Which one is cloutpay or clout pay again o? so I was anticipating the BBNaija that was about to start and reading some rape allegation leveled against a pastor of COZA named Abiodun Fatoyinbo, twitter was flooding with tweets and my phone blazed, it was a message from a reader of my blog asking me if cloutpay is real or scam.

I don’t like hearing of referral programs that promises people money and you won’t do any tangible thing than referring people to get paid,. Like just refer friends and get paid up to $500 per day? The offer is ridiculous and people who believe in it should be put behind bars like I’m going to do for cloutpay now.

I’m always disappointed when Nigerians fall for cheap scam or waste their precious time chasing wild goose as this, not quiet long some rushed to Loom which dash their hope, I don’t know why or how it’s hard for one to know some things can never work out on God’s earth, if you are a good reader of my blog and you fell for Loom and still want to fall for cloutpay kindly mail me your name and address so I can sue you to court for wasting my time. (kikikiki)

So you are expecting me to give you hope or assurance that a program as cloutpay will work or might be the true ?you must be kidding me, at best what they intend doing is to gather your emails and create a large data base of email to send product offers to, at worst they want to have access to your private information through your social network and sell it like facebook did sometime last year 2018 or use it for any reason why they needed it.

$25  for referring a friend? So you planned on referring 10-20 friends so you can get $250 or $500 from referring friends alone right? lol c’mon this is 2019, I thought we’re done with schemes and wild goose chasing long time ago? It’s pointless to writing about this piece of trash called cloutpay, it’s unlike me to decide for people so you can go ahead play around the program but show me proof so I can rewrite this write up.

Hey! I gotta get back to some sweet article I’m preparing for you guys and how to earn money from Bitcoin, I’ve posted the first batch of the article and currently working on the second.

It’s going to be hot trust me.

Stay safe and buy for now.

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