exposed!!! Scam or Not?



This is my honest/personal review of the platform, all information conveyed in this article is 100% legitimate and you can sure work on it. So without further waste of time let’s get into details and see if is really worth the effort or what they claim to be.

They claimed to be registered with the Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC) with this number BN2691848. Of which I checked on the CAC site and guess what ? they are dully registered, so I will rate them 6.5987654321 on my SLOO’s scale. Here is a screenshot of the prove of their details on CAC site below.

One thing I don’t like about them is that they don’t I can’t find a contact details on their site so it would be pretty difficult to contact them, but I managed to get their phone number and send them a whats app message of which I’m waiting for reply. I also messaged a friend who posted an alert screenshot from on Facebook of which I’m awaiting a response from here too.

What is fuck is is a site that promise to pay you for signing up and completing some few tasks on daily bases not to forget that this is a Nigerian site, the tasks includes;

  1. They gift you #100 when you sign up on the platform, isn’t that cool? Yes it is that’s if you don’t have pay the #1,600 registration fee which is compulsory if you want to get the Obafemi Awolowo’s head (hey! Don’t get me wrong, #100 note carries the picture of Obafemi Awolowo’s head so permit me to call #100 not Awolowo’s head)
  2. The second task pay you for is sharing of sponsored post to your social network account , facebook to be precise, so you get paid #50 for carrying out this task, from my knowledge you can only share 7 of such post per week, meaning you can only share one per day. So punching my calculator #50 x 7 =#350.
  3. Hey! You also get paid to read news and drop comment(s) on advertiser’s site, meaning when you click through an article that leads to another site entirely then you are few steps away from making money, all you have to do next is read the article and drop a comment and you will be paid #3 for it, so if you can drop a million comments a day does that means they pay you #3 million ? hello no!, you can only drop 33 comments a day so I will have to put my calculator to use again , pardon my bad arithmetic skills, #3 x 33 =#99.
  4. You can stand the chance to win up to #10,000 for your host and quality comments and participation on the platform and that of their advertisers’ but there’s no assurance about who this will go out to , to it’s a kind of raffle so they can end picking 2 people from 100 qualified members, hey! Your luck can make you win it.
  5. The last way of earning with is through their referral system whereby you get paid #1,050 for each person you bring into their platform. with my rough calculation you can make #350 + #693 = #1043 per week, multiplying it by 4 you have #1043 x 4 =#4,172. You can stand chances earning if you refer people, if you don’t refer people then it will be hard to earn more than that amount, you will need sheer luck to win their giveaway.

So that’s compensation plan, is it work it ? I will leave you to decide that yourself and don’t forget to make your opinion known via the comment section, there are other ways you can also make a decent sum online, you can read about it by clicking on HERE


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