What is www.flaverloaded.com.ng ?scam or legit?


So here we go again with another program called flaverloaded boasting we can really make through them, the only thing that bore me out about these numerous programs is that at the end of the day they end up making money from us first before we have the opportunity to make a dime at all. Let’s dive in deeper to see what we can become here with flaverloaded, millionaire, billionaire  or more who knows?.

A friend of mine asked me to review this so he can be sure this program called  flaverloaded are actually doing what claim to be doing which include one important thing which is Payout! Do people really make money from this platform? If they do, do they get paid for real? I am yet to meet any individual that really get paid from this program or even participated , from my research I can see this program called  flaverloaded just launched out sometimes back in February, meaning this year is older than the program, lol, Hey! Don’t take me too , I was just trying to make you laugh or at least smile and probably say “this guy is full of shit” enough of my stories, let’s get the serious part of flaverloaded.


According to the content on their site which I am very sure they edited NNU content, they participant can earn through the following ways:

1. FAP: As an affiliate, you earn 40% per each referral. When you introduce your friends to participate on Flaverloaded, you earn N200 Naira from their premium membership entry fee.

FARS: As a participant, we share ad revenue with you when you take part of Flaverloaded activities weekly.

2. Viewing Post: When you view post, you earn N5 on daily revenue share.

3. Watching Videos: When you browse and watch latest video daily, you earn N30 on daily ad revenue.

4. Commenting on Post: You earn N5 for a well constructed comment on the website.

So you have to pay #500 to join this program and the only way you can earn faster is refer people making it look like the program called Refer.ng, technically you can not make more #40 on this site in a day if you refuse to refer people, yes you read that right! #40, 30 from viewing videos that will take more than #100 worth of megabyte, #5 for viewing post(S) and lastly #5 for comment, #40 a day isn’t a great way to start ,hell no.

I hard to further my research and click around and I notice the person behind this program called flaverloaded is called Adesua Pelumi, there is a hypertext link on the name which implies it should lead to a new page when clicked on but oppss!!! I got an error page when I clicked on it, this show how disorganized they are. One more thing they are using a free theme, I can’t get myself to agree with the idea that a site that will take money from me should use a free theme with the footer note credit with the theme name.

There design is a sore to my two big eyes not to talk of their poor choices of font and font sizes, I don’t give up easily so I had to register to see what the dashboard looks like and guess what ? I wasn’t allowed to access the main dashboard ,so I must pay #500 before I can access the dashboard, seem they need my #500 desperately than they are willing to let  me explore their contents, to make matter worse the page I landed on after signing is a total sore to my eyes once more, here is a screenshot of how it looks below, at this point I was thinking the site was built by a jss 2 student back in 2010 using a java phone and only have idea of the wapka and waptrick domain era that made everyone of a webmaster in our respective hood then (lol).

The image they decided to use on the site was just a random image I do see on Maple leaf exercise books.

I think I have the right to vent my anger on Adesua for coming out with this nonsensical design, the program might work out with good team and solid plan but it will sure fail with what have in place so far, all Adesua think is to get #300 from every person that register and give #200 to upline who brings such individual, share out if the #300 for members of the site and keep the rest. With #40 every day you will make #1,240 every month and #14,880 every year, I will rate this program 2/10 on my slooreviews scale and I will advise you to more research before going into it, but then you sign up and play around watching comedy to forget the situation of things in Nigeria and stay happy while the site compensate #30 per video and at the end of the month you’re worth #1,240 at least when we watch random videos on youtube we don’t get paid , I hope Adesua sees this and tidy up the mess on his site that he calls program and be ready to face the real world.

Thanks for reading through, muah!!!

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