How to make money online tutoring


Making money online tutoring others has never been this easier,  in this information/internet age you can easily make share knowledge and make some tidy sum by so doing. There are well sort after subject or courses you can teach interested individuals, these courses includes; English Language, Mathematics and many other online courses, some platforms will only accept you to be a tutor if you have necessary qualification in any fields you want to apply for while others do not ask for certificate, meaning as a student you can teach others what you know/learn and they pay you for doing that.

I think it’s nice that one can earn while in school, this way you won’t lack money for some smooth running while in school. Without further wasting of time I will explain some of these platforms and their requirements

TUTORS.COM is arguably one of the best platforms for online tutoring, the lowest you get paid per hour is around $25-$30 and the good aspect of it is that you don’t need a certificate to tutor students on this platform. All you have to do is sign up, set up your profile and upload a nice profile picture, usually a smiling face, brag a little about your adept skill in your area of specialization and educational background and check your account from time to time to know when a student is available for your course/subject and hey! Be good at what you say you do you can get good reviews at the end of each class because that will bring in more students for you. You can charge as high as $80 per hour when you have many reviews on your profile. Check it out


Do you have what it takes to help students around the world improve their English, to help them break the ice and start speaking with more confidence? Have you ever wanted to try teaching but never had the time, or just wanted to socialize with a chat pal while earning some extra cash? Pop On is the right choice for you!                                                                                                                                                                          They are currently in high demand of English native speakers, Tutors (more advanced teaching) and Chat Pals (paid spoken English practice partner) to carry out real-time conversations with students on mobile devices anytime, anywhere. Start your online tutoring journey today in the comfort of your own home! Check it out and you can also ready my article on How to apply to become an English Tutor and Chat Pal in 3 simple steps.


WIZIQ is another great platform where you can tutor student online and earn some tidy sum, this is Probably one of the most popular online sites for teaching/tutoring. There are different pricing plans available for students who take classes in a private virtual classroom. Check it out



A community where students can find answer to their questions or find an online tutor who sets their own rates. This is another great platform where you can tutor students and make some good sum and you set your rate too, cool right? Check it out


A very popular site where students work in a one-on-one secure environment on an interactive whiteboard.

This another great platform but I think you pay some monthly membership fee to enable you remains on the platform as tutor. Check it out

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