Netpay Reviews, Scam Alert


What I don’t like about trends in Nigeria is simply because everyone tends to head in the same direction till the trending idea or thing fade, at times you see so many pirated copy that you don’t  know which one to stay with, painfully 90% of these pirated copy are fake and total waste of precious time and resources.

After the birth of NNU income platform , there are couple of platforms emulating the same idea and making some little tweak to their compensation plan so people could think they have a better program which  most at times it’s a complete trash. With that been said I’ll like to pitch in my 2 cents about a platform like NNU which I came across while surfing the web few days ago, the platform in question is NETPAY.COM.NG, so they claim to be legitimate and pay out, are they worth the time and investment?


They said participants can earn in 10 ways from their platform, below is the picture of how they promise to pay participant on their official site.

They displayed their contact number so I decided to chat them up on whatsapp to know if they are duly registered with the cooperate affairs commission [CAC] of which the attendant refuse to give out their registration number so I can conduct a thorough research on it, she sent me a screen shot showing a company registered with CAC which has a different name from Netpay, that’s a bad indication, real company won’t put up a new name in public different from the name they used in registering the business which is been advertise to the public. So in my opinion I think it’s safe to say NETPAY.COM.NG is not dully registered with CAC.

The second thing I noticed is that the domain name belongs to a different company  which has nothing to do with NETPAY.COM.NG, A real and serious company will buy the popular .com extension or get a unique name as not to confuse the masses by choosing NETPAY.COM.NG when NETPAY.COM is taken by a foreign company and that’s the second red flag.

The third red flag popped up when I chatted their customer support via whatsapp, I got a wobbled sentence, this shows the team behind NETPAY.COM.NG are groups of unseasoned individuals that doesn’t have good skills, now I will advise you to be careful or stay away from this company because this might be another scam just like the other countless scam we witnessed in time past.

Now this is my 2 cents about NETPAY.COM.NG, if you’ve transacted with them and you get paid kindly contact me via so I can rewrite this article or at least increase their credibility score, we would love to hear from you, kindly drop comments using the comment box and don’t forget to share this article to facebook and other social media…CHEERS!!!



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