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Ever heard of a program called  a friend of mine introduced it to me saying I could make #150,000 with just #1,600 so I raced to the site and check what’s up, on getting there I saw the nice designs but who cares about the beauty of a site? What I care most about sites is the functionalities, what is the site meant to do, how optimized is it, does it serve a unique and good purpose? If it is a site that requires people to invest or put in their money then such site must have a well detailed info about who founded it, his or her dream/plans for starting such program, what the program does and why you should partake in it, they should be ready to take queries and enquires during day time by making themselves available to a good communication channel that one can trust (say phone number) and a well detailed profile of the teams behind such program, I’ve been scammed in the past by not checking those aforementioned details in some programs I foolishly invested my hard earned money into causing me to lose my money, it was out of that experience I created my blog slooreviews to actually review any start-up company to see if they’re genuine and can be trusted, this way I post my findings online so people can read it and make better decision so as not to fall for cheap scam like I did in time past which really affected my financial status.

Hey! TF is

So I checked through the site and didn’t find anything fascinating, yes I found nothing, apart from the design and the logo and bunches of text not aiming at any vital information, I found nothing.

There is nothing to read about the team behind the program, so this way anyone participating in the program is thrown into the dark and waiting for the unkown. Please permit me to use an adage in the bible, it says “Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days.” Now that only happen in the Bible or for those that have serious belief on it, if you apply such faith in programs that don’t offer much information, programs that take your money and can not be traced then you might as well forget you had a bread cause the water will swallow your bread and will not return it for sure.

Talking about individual who created or started the program, the site failed to address this, aside from taking pride for what you create, people will trust this program more if it has such article written about such individual who founded the program, having such section on the site will change so many people’s view but still they decided to have their identity concealed which is a huge red flag, if things go wrong then we will have no one to blame, no one to hold responsible. What if this individual is a scam and just try to make quick money and close down the site? These are the types of question coming to my mind cause of the many terrible experiences I had in the past regarding programs like this.

I saw some reviews about this so called on many site, one guy named prosper Noah wrote about it neglecting to mention the risk involve which I think is very bad of him, his article is aimed at promoting the program for his referral commission so I don’t see that as a good review, almost everyone has a phone this age, one of the most effective ways of communication is via phone call, I was dazed when I realized they don’t have a phone number displayed on their site so we can beep them through it.

I navigated to the bottom side of the site and I also noticed some of the things there are not clickable, meaning they don’t lead to anywhere that’s as a result of poor and non-goal oriented design.

I checked through their contact page and I noticed you can only send them e-mail, really? We all know how people shy away from sending e-mail, I can’t imagining a real and serious company not ready for taking calls from her member, slooreviews is a personal blog not by any means an investment scheme but we still have our details displayed out there so everyone and anyone willing to know about us can read and put a call through to ask question but it is quite unfortunate that doesn’t see any sense in having a contact phone number. Here is a screenshot of the contact page below.

What does does?

so basically when I navigated through and read the near dummy content they put up I came to my senses and realized that DO NOT DO ANY MEANINGFUL THING, Yeah you read that right, basically what they do is let you register, take your email for the purpose of e-marketing, by so doing they permit you to login in to your dashboard and give you a referral link by taking your #600 and giving your sponsor (someone that introduced you to the program #1,000) and that’s all, so in a simpler terms, you go and look for someone who has #1,600 (bread) to cast upon waters (hehehe) then you get #1,000 and the company takes the remaining #600 cause they’re the waters in this case so they only cough out #1,000 and keep #600 for doing nothing tangible than being water, I’m not the best person to talk to when it comes to investment or business decision but, doesn’t look serious with that type of business model, they are after their gain, and they are taking a whole #600 from everyone that signed up cause they put up a site? That’s crazy I must say. The program isn’t a program, no products, you have to look for people to refer so you can earn, if you can’t go begging people to join the program then all your #1,600 (bread) is gone for good, you can’t ask for refund cause I didn’t read anything about refund policy on the site, and good news you can’t call anyone to vent your anger via phone call, if you rant through your email then they just might probably label your message as spam so they don’t see it next time you send them through and that is if they check their mails at all…. Lol

Disclaimer: I am not discouraging you from partaking in this program, I just want you to see things from my perspective and possibly learn from my mistakes, if you find this write-up helpful then kindly drop a comment and share it on social network so you can save your friends the heartache of waiting for the unkown, I hope get to see this article and address it so when can at least have a little trust in them, so at the moment I can only rate them 2.8/10 on slooreviews scale……CHEERS!!!

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    • Sorry if you feel uncomfortable with the review but hey! why are you are mad at me any way? if it is working for you and you’re earning then you wouldn’t give a flying fuck about my review, it seems you’re one of those luring people to join using your link so you can earn lol or worse you are one of those that created the shady program.
      I can feel your pain.

  1. Hey, this is a very good review. I have actually gone through the reviews of this program on other website who gave them very positive reviews.
    However, like you pointed out, I didn’t see any mention of any products or services which the have or render. At best, all you can make money from is your referring others to the platform, you get #1000 and they keep #600, all for doing nothing. And if you are unable to refer anyone, you lose your registration fee of #1600. If you ask me, this is a big ponzi scheme in the making.
    Thanks again for the honest review.

    • Thanks for your awesome comment bro, it’s crazy that people can promote such program for their selfish interest.
      There is a guy names Prosper Noah he wrote a review praising the program so i went to drop a comment under his blog and guess what ? he disapprove the comment so it won’t show, with that kind of attitude i can never trust anything he promotes again and that shows he is not clean.
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