What Is FiveBuckx.com? Is FiveBuckx.com a Scam or Legit?


FiveBucksx, So I was on the web last night surfing through at the same speed with that of a jet or maybe just Jet Li doing his kicking stuff and BOOM! I came across an article that said some brightly dull stuffs about how one can really make some cool money doing nothing other than paying #500 (Nnadi Azikiwe’s head) and wait while the platform links you up with other 4 people automatically to pay you #500 each totaling #2,000 (2k). With my “doubting Thomas” mindset I clicked through to the so called FiveBuckx and I get to understand so many things within a split of a seconds, first thing I can’t help but notice is the poor choices of color combination (poor sense of design), the amateurish design, the pixelated logo inform of figure 5.
Looking beyond the design, I noticed the program is not a program worth venturing into at all, its not difference from Refer.NG, ZionMoney and all those Ponzi schemes out there. One thing they have in common is that they lack credibility, they no solid plan for scalabillity, their program can and will never stand the test of time, another funny thing is we don’t even know the individuals behind this platform called FiveBuckx, we don’t know if they are seasoned investors, we don’t know their name, their looks, where they live and not even how to reach them, I clicked on the “contact Us” button at the bottom of the site and it leads nowhere all it does was to just refresh the current home page, I don’t know why a site that requires people to pay to them for whatever reason they might come up with will have their identity concealed, I can’t pay #1 to a site I won’t be able to contact if an issue comes up, I don’t know why on God’s earth will people come up with program as shitty as FiveBuckx (sorry I don’t mean to keep using foul words ,pardon my lack of good choice of words).
The whole scope behind the program called FiveBuckx is just to sign up, pay #500 and wait for 4 other people to pay to you after which you will be asked to pay #1,500 to another person after that you will receive #1,500 from 16 people totaling #25,600 (yeah this sounds like a lot of money) then you restart the show all over by paying #500 to another person, for this program to work perfectly everyone must keep on doing it, new people must keep joining, this is a pyramid scheme, it forms a big triangle that requires large amount of new people to join so those in the system before them can get paid, let us try some simple calculation, if there is 90 people in the platform currently and another 50 people join and pay their #500 respectively, the system will need 200 new people before those 50 can all get paid for their first level, in the second level 16 people will pay each of the 50 people , 50 x 16 =800, so for level to be a success new 800 people must join the system, honestly speaking, if the world join fivebuckx they will still need more people to make it work, in conclusion, stay away from fiveBuckx because not everyone will get paid, the site takes some percentage of the money, MMM is better than this.
I wish I can meet the individuals behind this program so I can ask them some few mind bulging questions, anyways I will rate them 1/10 on the slooreviews scale, the one mark I gave them stands for the domain name and host they bought, the can kiss my ass for the rest of the trash they called program, people should get sued and jailed for trash as this honeslty, lol.

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