What is ZionMoney , Scam or Legit?


What is ZionMoney ?
About two days ago i got a call from a friend of mine and what he told me was to see him off to go check on a friend (girl this time) I’ve been home all day so i think it’s a nice excuse to see the outside world again.
Fast forward to when we got to his friend’s dorm ,she’s a student and you know how student get hold of information and spread it easily , we argued and discuss various topics of which 90% it i wasn’t proud of ,one of the interesting part of the discussion was when we start talking money , bonds ,shares some ponzi schemes and she mentioned a program called Zionmoney, she went further to explain how it works and how she trusted them. I am not new to such recommendation so i note down the name of the program and did some research on it to be sure they are legitimate and traceable but like others they fell below the safe zone.
Now basically what they do is take your money and give you some fixed percentage of it monthly, i don’t know what they do with the money so i had to chat one of their customer support and i was told they invest the money into stocks, oil and Gas. The question is ,are they expert or skilled enough to help you invest your money ? I asked of the individuals behind the program and i got no name , how on God’s earth will you try to have your identity concealed in a legal business and expert people to trust you with their money ? This is clear indication that something isn’t right .
Further more i asked to know if their is any physical building or itmes to really show they invested those money people pay them at all and guess what ? No positive result still.
Programs like this do not stand the test of time not because of bad economy but those behind it most times are dishonest individuals that can never be trusted and this is more of the reason why they hide their identity in the first place .
I can only say things based on my views and will never in any case try to change your mind from doing what you plan so go ahead and check the site and invest if you think it’s safe for you.

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