zwerl or Sphere Facts, scam or legit?

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Making money online has never been any easier, I know it sounds too good to be real that one can actually make money online by doing nothing other than chatting random people who needs answer to their questions.

This is a fast introduction to  sphere popularly known as  zwerl, this is an app where you get paid to chat, i stumbled on this on app on Quora so tried it out to know how it works, now it will be very important to know that we don’t write review for referral sake, we don’t take money to write good reviews about a bad company , network or community so you hardly see referral link in our article.

So i tried my hands on Zwerl and this is my findings.

  • Zwerl actually pay you for chatting provided you give good answer(s) to questions that people asked and they vote you at the end of the chat, not forgetting that each chat session last for only 10 mins.
  • Each vote you have after a chat session will give you 100 reputation, let’s assume you get 4 votes after a chat session then you have 400 reputation in that respect.
  • Upon signing up on zwerl you are thrown on a gigantic queue that last a life time, some are lucky for not been placed on queue, personally i wasn’t placed on queue so i start earning from my first chat. Now if you’re place on queue, the implications are; you must finish up the queue before you can earn from chats, to finish the queue you must chat endlessly for 2-3 months, you must stay online for at least 5 hours a day, if you ever go offline for 3 hours your queue will increase as some other people would have overtaken you which they always do.
  • My advice for you if you are placed on queue is uninstall the app and go your way.

In our second study case if you’re lucky and you don’t fall in queue then you can start earning, i wasn’t placed on queue when i tried it so below are screenshots of my earning per chat within two weeks.

As regarding cash out, payment, withdrawal and payout, I was never paid, my account got blocked/banned and the excuse they gave me was that they detected a fraud in my account, my advice for anyone who want to try the app out is that do not speak any other language than pure English, do not solicit for vote from other experts or user, do not abuse/curse other members or talk ill of race or country, and be prayerful they don’t block your account still.

We will love to hear from you regarding this in the comment box, let us know what you think of this write up, let us know if you’ve tried zwerl, let us know if you get paid, let us know if you’re on queue or you finished the queue and start earning.





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