11 Adsense alternatives to make money faster in 2020

Are you looking for the best google adsense alternatives to monetize your website?

The reason why you are reading this google adsense alternatives is either your google adsense account got suspended or google refused to approve your website to serve adsense.

Or maybe you are looking for google adsense alternatives to diversify your site monetization, whichever your reason is I got you covered.

If your reason for looking for google adsense alternatives was because your website didn’t get approval then you should be reading my article on tips to get adsense approval in 2020 and stay safe so as not to get suspended.

Google adsense is no doubt the best form of ads monetization service out there, but if you don’t have an account and still want to monetize your website traffic and content then you have to explore below options.

  1. Ads Network: There are countless Ads serving network out there aside google adsense, we will consider only the 7 best google adsense alternatives you can turn to easily to monetize your blog.
  2. Affilaite Network: This is quite different from the Ads serving networks but this is also a very good way to monetize your website.

Since this write-up isn’t focused on affiliate network nor marketing I will only mention 4 good affiliates network you can you turn to.

You can read my article on how to make money through affiliate marketing and the best affiliate programs that pays high commission.

7 google adsense alternatives


The first google adsense alternatives is no doubt media.net for its good ads service which is custom friendly, mobile friendly and responsive ads.

They also integrate with Yahoo and Bing to give their audience a wide traffic reach and they pay out every 30 days.


AdBuff is an AdSense-like ad network that connects publisher with advertisers. It has a real-time dashboard to see your revenue status, so you can properly manage your ads.

The account manager allows you to review the performance of an ad and helps optimize it for better results.

All their ads are family-friendly and protected from malicious content.

It has integration with popular advertising companies to boost your revenue.

AdBuff pays your earned revenue on a net 45 basis.


This is a good program for your ads serving that guarantee for optimum results with their different forms of ads which includes native ads, push notification, direct navigation and pop under, with these many option you can experiment which ads format works best for your site and also track the progress to see which converts most.


Adsterra is another good ads serving network to consider if one is really in need of google adsense alternatives, they offer performance-based solutions for advertisers and media partners worldwide.

With their personal account manager features you will be able to get expert advice on how to enhance your campaign performance. They also offer real-time statistics.

Propeller Ads

Propeller ads is no doubt another good ads serving company that you might want to try out, their push notification ads is one good feature that has got many attention.

They have large customer base and serve ads relevant to your site’s contents.

Hey why not try and check propeller ads out if you’re in need of google adsense alternative.

Pop Ads

This an Ad network where you earn per each pop displayed. This can be understood as pay per view or impression model.

One good advantage of this is that it has ads for adult content sites, unlike goole adsense which has no room for adult content.

They have arrays of types of ads which includes popunder, popup, tabunder tabup.


RevenueHits is owned and operated by intango. This is a  global technology company established in 2008. They design and executes tailored marketing  and monetization solution using a powerful AI driven proprietary technology and architecture.

There are four option which you can earn revenue with them: you can display ads through their display and rich media which is depicted in their numerous banner ads and sizes; you can add pop ups/under to your website, optimizing its online performance.

You can also earn bids from direct advertising wanting  to buy your online traffic and you can personalize your ads needs according to business demands.

They also offer a referral program which means that if you refer a publisher and receive a revenue of $1,500 you can earn as much as 5% of the publishers’ earning for 1 year!

Join RevenueHits now.  

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are good ways of diversifying blog income and can be a good google adsense alternatives.

This post is focused on affiliate program so I will only mention 3 affiliate programs you can join. You can also read my article on how to make money through affiliate marketing and the best affiliate programs that pays high commission.


Namecheap is famous for its domain name and hosting service, they are one of the best in that area, they also offer affiliate program where you get paid for every customer referred.

Below is the list of their commission on each product.

Domain 20%

Hosting Packages 35%

SSL Certificates 35%

Private Email 20%

WhoisGuard 20%

PremiumDNS 20%

Click here to join Namecheap affiliate.


Smartweb is Nigeria based webhost company with good domain and hosting service that also offer affiliate program you can join, refer people and earn a commission per each product.

Smartweb pays a very sizable income.


Teachable is a platform where you can buy online courses, not only buying ,you can also create online courses and sell them on teachable, you can read my article on how to make money through creating and selling of online video/courses.

Teachable also pay sizable commission on each person you refer.


Expertnaire is another great way to earn affiliate commission while blogging, if you have an email list already then you will benefit immensely from this program.

If you don’t have email list you can build one or simply advertise whichever product you choose to advertise.

Expertnaire is Nigeria based platform that offers as high 50% affiliate commission. Try it out and see how to make money for yourself.

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