4 Businesses You Can Start With N20,000 and Make Insane Profit

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4 businesses you can start with 20,000

There are several businesses we can start with N20,000 or 20k as mostly called among the youths in Nigeria.

Often time people think they can only start a business with huge capital, but it’s very wrong approach to business.

Starting business with huge capital can bring in more profits but having small capital too can bring in profit and you should not be discouraged by your little capital. (Don’t be despised of your little beginning).

There are many business and investments opportunities you can start with as low as N20,000 or 20k.

4 Businesses You Can Start With N20,000

Below are 4 businesses you can invest or start wit as low as N20,000, though you have to be dogged and goal oriented to keep you going.

1. Investify with 1Piggyvest

Piggyvest is a platform for savings, so you can dispose your local piggybanks that you can easily take money out of it with just two tiny brooms stick (lol, you know that technique right?).

So piggyvest has made provision for you to save, you can read my article on how to make money with piggyvest referral program , you can do automatic savings on this platform as well.

Piggyvest has an investment section called investify, here, you can invest into farm or agriculture for as low as N20,000, the duration of maturation of investments varies between 6 months – 9 months depending on which farm you invested in, maize farm can take up 8-9 months, pig farm also can take about 9-11 months, poultry also take 9 months or thereabout.

Below are pictures of some farms or investment opportunity from investify platform on piggyvest.

4 businesses you can start with 20,000

2.Selling of Shoes
Shoe business is one sweet venture you can start with as low as 20,000.The question to ask yourself is where and how do you get shoes at a low or cheap price and sell at a good profit?

You can import cheap sneakers from Aliexpress and other sites and sell them to interested individuals on social media.

One good approach to this is by selling the shoes on your whatsapp, you can display pictures of shoes you want to import on whatsapp status, interested individuals can be asked to pay part payment of the cost of the shoe before you import it.

This way, your products won’t be tied down for long.

businesses you can start with 20,000

Apart from selling imported shoes, you can as well sell locally handmade shoes, I have friends who run this hustle and they are making sizable profits from it.

All you have to do is reach out to shoe makers in your locality, check their work to be sure they are skilled enough. Next thing you need to do is making an agreement with them so they can give your job a top priority to enable you deliver orders on time and to also give you discount so you can make profits from the range of 2-3k on a single shoe.

4 businesses you can start with 20,000

To charge better price for your merchandise you have to do some branding by creating a logo, a delivery pack and a good customer service. Your earning opportunity here is limitless.

3. Tripod Stand
there are many aspiring youths trying their hands at YouTube and Nigeria movie industry (Nollywood) is the 2nd largest in the world so there is huge opportunity for camera related kits.
I was scammed not quite long when I purchased my first tripod stand for N8,000.
Later I discovered the same tripod stand is selling for 3,500 on aliexpress.
Utilize this opportunity and make some money with it.

4 businesses you can start with 20,000 naira

4. Share Data

This is another lucrative business one can start with as little as N10,000, so starting it with N20,000 should give you an edge to scale up your business easily and make more profits.

Takeaway Point – There is no easy business and sole proprietorship is not for everyone, you must be very dedicated and focused to give it all it takes (legally) to achieve success.

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