4 Free Ways to Earn Bitcoin Online

As you all know that cryptocurrency is the currency of the future, and Bitcoin is the most sought currency. Bitcoin, over the years, has become more profitable, and most importantly, more valuable than ever. In this post, I will guide you through 4 free ways to earn bitcoin online.

As at the time this post was edited, Bitcoin in the Nigerian currency, Naira is worth up to N9 million; a single bitcoin. Therefore, it is important to start commercial activities with Bitcoin. However, it is quite difficult to earn bitcoin because it has so much value. In fact, it has so much value that anybody who is into cryptocurrency has Bitcoin as a first choice. So, in this post, I will guide you through legit and free ways to earn bitcoin online. Read on.

Free Ways to Earn Bitcoin Online

  • With Lolli Chrome Extension
  • Through Crypto Saving Accounts
  • Through Referral and Affiliate
  • Through crypto staking.

Earn Bitcoin for Free With Lolli Chrome Extension.

I know you are wondering how you can earn free bitcoin online through a chrome extension. Well, Lolli is that chrome extension that when you add to your chrome browser it allows you to earn Bitcoin when you buy products and services from any of Lolli’s merchant partners. With the Lolli Chrome extension, you can shop online from any of its online partners like Nike, Macy’s, Booking.com, Walmart, etc. When you shop with any of these Lolli’s partners, you get a notification to enable your cash-back. So, when this is enabled, you get 30% worth of Bitcoin off any item you buy from any of its partners. To activate this, you need to create an account/wallet on Lolli, and then add the Lolli Chrome extension to your Google Chrome browser.

Earn Free Bitcoin Through Crypto Savings or Interest Account.

Secondly, another way you can earn free Bitcoin online is through a crypto savings account. If you are a crypto investor who invests in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, for keeping your cryptocurrency in them just like your crypto bank, regularly, you gain some interest worth of bitcoin for saving your crypto with them. An example of a Crypto platform that grants their crypto account owners is BlockFi. Others are crypto.com and Nexo.

Get Free Bitcoin Through Referral/Affiliate Program.

Also, you can earn Bitcoin for free through referral and affiliate programs. You can help drive traffic, invite potential customers, distribute surveys, take surveys for potential, thriving businesses willing to reward you through cryptocurrency.

How this works is that when you join a referral and affiliate program, you get a unique URL for you to distribute among your friends or the potential customers you want to invite to take action upon a product or service. For every action taken upon a product or service through your affiliate or referral link, you get a reward, and it could be in Bitcoin. That way, you earn free Bitcoin and make money from it. Coinbase and BlockFi have affiliate programs.

Earn Free Crypto Through Crypto Staking

Cryptocurrencies like Cardano, Ethereum, and Tezos enables you to lock up some proportions of your holdings in order to participate with transaction validations on their network. So, the higher the number of cryptocurrencies you stake through transaction validations on a blockchain, you get more chances of being selected as a transaction validator, and your crypto earnings increase.

Also, you can watch a detailed explanation on how to earn free bitcoin online from our YouTube channel below.

Bottom Line

Having mentioned four legit ways to earn free bitcoin online, you should note that this is not a get-quick-rich scheme. When you follow these four ways mentioned above regularly, your Bitcoin will increase in your crypto account. that way, you are making money online.

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