A Critical Review of Bara Finance and Investment Group

Investment has now become a financial trend to kick poverty out of people’s lives and stories. Many investment start-up companies are now underway and are looking for investors to invest their money in return for a profitable ROI, Return of Investments. In this review article, Slooreviews will do a critical review of Bara Finance of Investment Group.

Bara Finance and Investment Group is a company that deals with Forex trading, and investments in seem-to-be profitable commodities. Also, they claim to teach Forex trading, provide employment opportunities, and primarily eradicate poverty from people’s lives. This, they made possible by providing various investment opportunities that’ll suit demands and enhance financial prosperity.

What Does Bara Finance and Investment Group has to offer?

Bara Finance

Bara Finance and Investment Group offers various investment opportunities such as Forex trading and investments, commodity investment, Forex trading training, a youth empowerment program for SME purposes, and financial training program. In a nutshell, eradicating poverty is the main objective.

Let’s look at the statement directly from their website.

Bara Finance & Investment Limited was incorporated with corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C) to offer wide range of financial investment Services, our ultimate Goal is to be at the fore-front of our financial investors by bridging the wide gap of financial disparity between the upper and lower class by helping the majority out of poverty perpetually.

We are being driven by the passion to get majority Out-of-Poverty with our various business streams and investment platforms designed specifically to suit your financial demands and prosperity. We are also out to embark on massive youth empowerment through our various training programs on SMEs, Savings culture for investment opportunities, opportunities in the agro-allies’ subsector of the economy all in complementary of Federal Government effort to speed up economic growth and sustainability. We currently have over 5 thousands active subscribers with a target to be your One-Stop investment destination and Fund/portfolio Management.

Is Bara Finance and Investment Group a Registered Company?

Bara Finance and Investment is registered and incorporated in accordance with the Cooperate Affairs Commission, CAC. This is a prove of their legitimacy. 

Bara Finance and Investment Group has over 5000 subscribers to boast of with an objective of being a first choice investment destination and funds/portfolio management.

Bara Finance and Investment Group: Investment Packages.

Diamond Package (6 Months Plan)

  • BTW 100,000 – 4,900,000 – 15% ROI
  • BTW 5,000,000 – 49,000, 000 – 10% ROI
  • BTW 50,000,000 – 99,000,000 – 5% ROI
  • BTW 100,000,000 & above – 3% ROI

Gold Package (12 Months Plan)

  • BTW 100,000 – 4,900, 000 – 17%ROI
  • BTW 5,000,000 – 49,000,000 – 12% ROI
  • BTW 50,000, 000 – 99,000 – 7% ROI
  • BTW 100,000,000 & above – 5%

Platinum Package (24 Months Plan)

  • BTW 100,000 – 4,900,000 – 20% ROI
  • BTW 5,000,000 – 49,000,000 – 15% ROI
  • BTW 50,000,000 – 99,000,000 – 10% ROI
  • BTW 100,000,000 & above -5% ROI.

Bara Finance and Investment Group Forex Trading Training Packages.

  • 3 months of training with 3 months mentorship {Silver = $300 (₦114,000)}
  • 3 months of training with 3 months mentorship {Diamond = $500 (₦190,000)}
  • 6 months of training with 3 months mentorship {Gold = $700 (₦266,000)}
  • 1 month of crash course program with 3 months mentorship  {$700 (₦266,000)}

Bara Finance and Investment Group Office Locations and Contacts

  • AMINASIA TRADE CENTRE   By Aminu Kano Crescent Wuse II, Abuja.
  • Musa Dan Illela House, AS Sabir Plaza, No.20 Badariya Road, Birnin Kebbi, Kebbi State, Nigeria W.Africa
  • Humma Plaza, Suite C7/C10, 2nd Floor, 17E, Independence Way, Kaduna, Nigeria W.Africa
  • Kyabis Plaza Opposite Keystone Bank close to Nobis Supermarket, Wurukum Makurdi Benue State
  • Phone Numbers: +234-70-6378-8366, +234-81-2766-6581, +234-90-8482-5966
  • Contact Mail Address: info@barafinance-investment.com

What are the Features of Bara Finance and Investment Group?

Looking at the above reviews and the Bara Finance and Investment Group website, they are aimed at painting a big picture positively in people’s lives through commitment and trust.

  • Mobility: The information and communication you need, any time and anywhere around the world.
  • Data Vault: Secure, easy access to important documents and data.
  • E-plans: Your financial plan is available 24/7 automatically updated for all changes in portfolio and ROI values daily.

Is Bara Finance and Investment Group Legit or Scam?

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This is one of the most frequently asked questions when investors are trying to put money into a new business. They begin to ask questions like: Is this legit? Would I lose all my money? Will the investment platform crash? how will I get my ROI?

Personally, looking at the review above and the critiques of this company from other review websites, this is not a scan for the following reasons:

  • They are duly registered and incorporated with the Cooperative Affairs Commission. This means that they are registered as a firm with the government.
  • They don’t operate a Ponzi scheme.
  • They have a vast team of experts, which includes financial experts and risk management experts. 
  • They have several offices across the states of Nigeria, having their head office at Abuja.
  • Their team members from the General Manager down are well known and not anonymous, so it a no fraud company.
  • Employment opportunities and Youth Empowerment Program: Bara Finance and Investment Limited are accepting Job proposals (Minimum requirement HND) within the states, which means recruiting staff to enhance productivity.


Concluding this review article, you should note that nothing lasts forever, in other words, you won’t get your ROI forever. However, you should make enough research by going to the nearest office (they have offices across the country) and contacting their phone numbers. When you get through, you should be as inquisitive as possible to confirm the legitimacy of the investment company.

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