How to get Adsense approval in 2020

With Google newly upgraded algorithm it has become more difficult to get AdSense approval in 2020 for new blogs.

AdSense is a good way to monetize your blog, though there are other great AdSense alternatives and numerous ways to make money through blogging, but AdSense is undeniably the best Ads program out there.

You are probably reading this article because you got denied AdSense approval after one or multiple application or you want to know what to do right to get AdSense approval.

Whichever your case maybe, this article is created just for you, so get a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy the rest of this article.

There are many factors and safe rules to play by to get AdSense approval, below are the list of those rules.

Original Content

No doubt content is king when it comes to AdSense approval or in generating traffic for your blog.

Talking of traffic you can read my article on how to generate organic traffic to your site to ease things up in getting AdSense approval or generate traffic to your site easily.

If you want to rank well on the internet with your content then they have to be original, do not copy anyone’s content and post it on your blog.

Make research, jot down few points and develop a better content to rank high on Google. There is no two ways to it; in getting AdSense approval you must serve original content on your site.

Lengthy Content

Have you ever searched a keyword or term on Google and the answers on the first page are very short in word length? Definitely not.

Google love lengthy articles, the more the length of your articles they more comprehensive they become.

Take for example if you want to write an article on how to make money online, won’t you be detailed enough and pick each method and explain them thoroughly, stating the advantage and challenges facing each method and also how to overcome them?

In writing your lengthy article, you must keep to important point and reduce the fluff so as not to get people tired and leave your blog; lengthy content is a good technique in getting AdSense approval.

Create some important pages

In getting AdSense approval, it is necessary your page has these 3 pages before you apply for Google AdSense.

  1. Privacy Policy Page: make sure your site has a privacy policy page so visitors and your audience can know more about your site’s views and procedures.
  2. Terms of Use Page: This is another important page that you should have on your website, its set out the right and responsibilities of anyone using your site, and this is a good form of disclaimer.
  3. Contact Page: This is also important in getting AdSense approval, you must display your contact info on your site, this shows more credibility and Google loves that.

Eligible Niche 

Hey! Don’t even bother about AdSense approval if your run sites categorized as NSFW (not safe for work) because Google will not honor your application.

Do post content like tutorials on how to hack or bridge a security? If you do then forget about AdSense approval.

If your content is also on how to pirate or high graphic content Google won’t think twice before they give you the bad news.

Work on good content before you apply for AdSense.

Organic Traffic

Aside Google AdSense approval your site will never rank high if your source of traffic is not organic.

To get organic traffic on your site you have to have good content, promote your content, make them SEO friendly and give it time.

Do not expect to write article today and see it on the first page of search tomorrow, it doesn’t work that way, well it does only if your site is a very big authority site.

If you run an average site then you have to give it time.

Website Speed

How fast is your site loading speed? How fast does it load? If your site load time is higher than 2 seconds then you should think of how to increase the load time, Google won’t be friendly if your site takes too long to load.

Reasons why sites takes too long to load includes images, if you are using wordpress then I will advise you get optimization plugin to help you reduce your image size while the quality remain the same.

You can try JPEG Optimizer on wordpress, the plugin is free and it works wonders.

Stay Away From Ads and Affiliate Link

In the bid to get AdSense approval you will do well to stay away from other forms of advert on your site and display of affiliate link that can hurt your credibility.

After you get your AdSense approval you can apply for other ads and promote affiliate products but not before it.

Talking of affiliate product you can read my article on how to make money through affiliate marketing and have good insight on how it works.

To wrap it up and call it a show I will list some quick tips on how to get AdSense approval below.

Tips on how to get AdSense approval easily

  • Your domain should be at least 6 months old.
  • You can compromise with the quantity of your content but never with the quality.
  • Your website should be mobile friendly and must be AMP approved.
  • The photos, videos and graphics used must be of high resolution.
  • Web page of your site must have short load time (ideal load time for site is 2 seconds).
  • Your website should be error free, errors like 404 or 500 internal server error.
  • Your blog or website must have high organic traffic.
  • You must build high backlink.
  • Try to build or increase your domain DA and PA (domain authority and page authority.

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