How to choose the best niche for youtube channel

Are looking forward to try your hand at Vlogging and you are hitting a dead end on how to choose the best niche for YouTube channel?

If yes then the rest of this article is created for you and you alone.

Importance of choosing a niche

Before you can record your video and upload it to the internet, the first question that will come to your mind is what to record.

You can’t upload a football video today and upload a video of a farmer explaining how to grow maize the next day.

If you can then I will say you are the 1st football and Agric YouTuber on God’s earth which might be very bad for your growth as a vlogger or YouTuber.

Choosing a specific area of interest and create good videos on it will make Vlogging easier for you and will also attract my subscribers than being jack of all trades.


To choose the best niche for YouTube channel, one must put the following to consideration.


In choosing niche for your YouTube channel the first thing you have to put to consideration is passion. It’s easier for you to do what you love doing than doing what others do.

 While creating my blog www.slooreviews.com and the official YouTube channel for it I had to sit and write out my passion, while carefully considering the list I realize I love giving reviews about things and also like to dig deep to find the hidden truth.

I started my site and blog giving reviews about new online investment programs and also write on how to solve some certain problem in my How To section  here on my blog.

I really love doing this, I can sit and write for hours without getting tired cause I’m passionate about it.

If I were to choose blog and vlog about polo sport, basketball or rugby which i am not passionate about, it would have been very difficult to keep creating good contents on it.

You are going to run your YouTube account for a very long time so be careful when it comes to how to choose the best niche for YouTube channel and choose what you have passion to do.


The next thing to consider when it comes to how to choose the best niche for your YouTube channel is if the niche is in demand.

For example tech is one great niche that will forever be in the demand as technology keep evolving we all try as much to keep up with it by watching series of videos on them.

To be sure the niche you want to vlog on is in demand you will do well to carry out some quick search on it.

How do you carry out this quick search? You can do that easily on YouTube by searching words related to that niche and see the search results.

If the search generates too many answers then it’s not the best niche for you to start as a newbie.

If the result generated is also very few too then it’s another clear indication for you to keep off.

In choosing your niche, you must get a result in the middle range to avoid the two extremes.


Another good factor to consider when deciding in how to choose the best niche for YouTube channel is completion, who are those that will give you competition and how big are they? Do you think you can stand in their midst and make a difference.

It is very important to know who your competitors are, if they are way too big than you then you have bigger work to do to survive in that niche.

Earning Opportunity

No one will keep running a business without earning from it, at some point we all want to earn money from our effort, so in considering your options on how to choose the best niche for your YouTube channel, you must be sure if there is earning opportunity in whichever niche you want to go with.

The questions that should come to your mind should be, will any company approach me to mention them in my content? Is there any product from any company that I can use in my video ? are they affiliate products are I can market in my video or content ?

Talking of affiliate marketing of products you must have a good knowledge on how it works and good affiliate programs to join.

You can read my article on how to make money through affiliate programs  and how to make money through a YouTube channel, how to create a captivating Youtube channel to have a good understanding of how to go about it.

Content Creation

In choosing your best niche you must be sure creating content in that niche won’t be a problem, aside the fact that you have passion for the niche, there must also be room for fresh content always.

Like I said earlier, my reason for creating this blog was because I love to review things and also look for hidden details that can change ones view about a thing.

I cornered my hunger for review to only tech and business, there are always more than enough tech or new emerging business to review, you can check my YouTube account using this link and do not forget to subscribe so you won’t miss the great content I have to post.

Now those are point your need to consider in choosing your niche on YouTube, if you’ve done all that then you need to learn how to stay relevant in a competitive YouTube niche.

How to be a successful YouTuber in a competitive niche

To be a successful YouTuber in a highly competitive niche you must be ready to bring a fire to a world so cold.

Hey! Don’t over think it just yet, you don’t have to really, just pay attention to the following points and be ready to use them to your advantage.

  1. Look at other YouTubers in the niche – To be a successful vlogger in a competitive niche you need to study the big players in your niche and learn how they run their show to have the output they get.

There is no need to invent wheels, copy one and get a good result okay?

  1. What kind of content do they deliver? – To be a successful YouTuber in a competitive niche you must create content of good quality, to create content of good quality, you must have a close look at how the big players in that niche create theirs.
  2. Why do people watch them? – people watch video because they need solution to their problem, or we can simply say they need answer to their question.

 What makes them subscribe and keep watching your other subsequent video is your personality. Work on it.

  1. How do they keep their audience engaged? – To have a good insight on how these big players keep their audience engaged, you need to go through their comment section and see how they reply their audience and also see the kind of suggestion their audience give them, you make use of this to work on your content.
  2. What can I add to the topic? You need to be creative to stand out at anything you do on God’s earth, watch videos on new content you want to create and take note on vital areas they fail to cover and try to cover them in your video to spice things up.
  3. How can I present the topic in a different perspective – creativity and presentation skills is very needed here, watch some great presenter and learn some skills, don’t copy them, just be you so you don’t get tired of faking it.

To wrap it up, you need to have an eye appealing YouTube channel design to attract more subscribers and audience, read on how to create a captivating YouTube channel.

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