Bettheline.ag Review- Bettheline is a scam site

Bettheline.ag is a scam site, they offer high deposit bonus and all other cool offers but they turn out to the scam, this is a scam report sent to scam adviser in quote below.

My brother and I have over $17,500 in our Bettheline.ag accounts. I requested a payout of $1,000 last Thursday. The funds were deducted from my account and I was told that it would be processed by Monday at the latest. I have yet to receive anything in my Bitcoin wallet. Since Monday, no one has been answering calls, which go directly to voicemail, or any emails. The live chat is also not not working. 

This morning, the homepage of the site says ‘no games offered today’ and there is no way to log in anymore. There seems to only be one person that has ever picked up when I’ve called them, a guy named Charles.

He seemed like a decent and professional person but now it appears that he is a scam artist and is ripping me off for everything. I feel horrible that it’s not just me and he’s also stealing from my brother, who had $10,500 in his account. I am overwhelmed with guilt right now because I was the one who got him to play on the site because they had good bonuses.

I can see this possibly destroying our relationship.

Is there anything you could do to help? I have no idea what recourse to take. This guy would be a felon in the US and I could at least sue him, if not try to see him locked up, but since this site is off-shore does that make him untouchable? He must be registered with the Antigua to set up the site right? I really don’t know what to do and if there is any way you could assist I’d deeply appreciate it. The site needs to be blacklisted if nothing else.

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