All You Need To Know About BgFundz before you invest

The Black Gold Fundz, otherwise known as BGFundz, is a recently launched program  and it’s been making quite a wave so I think it’s best I let you guys know what they are into, how you can benefit from it and to also let you know if they are legit are just another trash.

BGFundz is another trash in the bin, I hate to come across programs like this, I wrote about racktsterly late last December, 2019.

People came down hard on me abusing and cursing, now racksterly packed up with their money.

At this stage we should all know fake programs by reading about what services they are rendering.

More disturbing facts about BGFundz

Just like racksterly, IBTForum, mulabux and money other programs they are shitty, they are not worth investing into for the sole reason that they have no services they are providing, how can someone just wake up and pick up a failed plan and tell others to follow it?

NNU were the first to start this read, share and refer to earn program in Nigeria and they failed and made way with people’s money when nothing is working out anymore.

So I see no reason why junks of sites like that are still coming up in Nigeria, it saddens my hearth when misinformed people invest their hard earned money into programs as this.

So basically there are about 4-5 ways to earn via the program, these ways are listed below in this article so keep on reading.

Racksterly claimed big companies come to place ads with them, this is  a lie from the pit  of hell, how on earth would a new start-up get ads from big companies? When there are big and better websites like facebook, Google to reach larger and targeted audience?

Racksterly made the same claim now they are folding up, mulabux also made the same claim.

Creativity is pretty well lacking in our reasoning in this country, why would someone come out with a failed program? To enrich him/herself? That’s a fair reason, why would you consider joining that failed program? So you can enrich the founder? It’s pathetic  knowing people are still joining such programs.

 How To Earn On BgFundz

Signing up on BgFundz is the easiest way to make 5000 naira or more weekly online in Nigeria without referrals. Unlike other read and pay websites, BgFundz will give you a welcome bonus of N150 for successfully being a member. There are 4 ways to earn in BgFundz, check them out below:

1. Daily Login

You will get paid 100 Naira daily just to log in to your BgFundz account.

2. Reading News

For each news you read, you will earn 5 Naira. The maximum amount of news you can read daily is N15

2. Comment on Posts

Apart from getting paid to read the news, you will be paid 5 Naira per comment made on any news you find interesting. The maximum number of comments is 15 daily.

3. Referral

You will be paid 1,000 naira per active referral you direct to BgFundz.

4. Sharing Sponsored Post on facebook.

BgFundz has paid you to read the news, comment on a post, refer new members, now you will also get paid to share a post on social media. You will be paid
150 Naira for each sponsored post you share to your facebook wall.

Analysis  of Earnings

Daily login N100 multiply by 31 days= N3000
Reading news N5 multiply by 15 for 31 days = N2325
Commenting on post N5 multiply by 15 for 31 days = N2325
Total = N7,650

Cool, right? You can earn N7650 monthly without referring to anyone. If the money you would be making for sharing sponsored posts is added, it will amount to over N9000 monthly.

How and When Does BgFundz Pay?

On BgFundz,  the minimum amount you can withdraw is N5,000 for non-referral earners and N1000 for affiliate/referral earners. Withdrawal is requested and processed every Sunday, so
make sure you have provided your bank account details in your profile.

How to Register on BgFundz?

To become a member on BgFundz, you need to make a one-time payment of N2,500 Naira only, your application will only get approved when you have successfully purchased and pa for this pack. So make sure you have your N2,500 Naira ready before you proceed to registration.

To register you will need to purchase Coupon Code from assigned coupon distributors on BgFundz.com

There is no big company that will advertise with this black gold fundz stuff.

Don’t let them fool you.

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  1. No need says:

    Mind you racksterly went off. But refunded people money confirm something before you post

  2. Boss says:

    Hey Solomon, in your introduction you said BGfundz is “another trash in the bin” but your conclusion has an encouraging tone on how to enroll and earn. What’s your message, is it a scam or is it legit?

  3. Deedi says:

    What of Giftal

  4. john Emmanuel says:

    how much is the registration fee

  5. Jerry says:

    Pls kindly review 9jamyschool.com.ng pla

  6. Jerry says:

    Pls kindly review 9jamyschool.com.ng pls

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