Boomscrashdetector.com review: is this a legit or fake?

Boomscrashdetector recently came out with a boom and spike detector and are promoting it right now; before you spend a penny on it kindly do yourself a huge favor by reading this review.

First thing I noticed about the site is the poor and unprofessional logo.

The look and feel of the site is an eye sore and no one should really put up such a site for something serious not to talk of a product that cost a whopping $410.

Don’t get deceived by their almost 50% discount, they probably don’t have they are advertising.

I will advise you don’t drop your email on this site as they will spam you always with ridiculous offers that will make you lose money.

I can’t help but notice the footnote remark showing the company who created theme, below is the attached picture of the footnote.

boomcrashdetector scam or legit

No serious website will leave such a footnote; every premium is fully customizable so any serious individual will easily edit that to their company name. boomspikedetector.com can’t edit that name because they use a free theme that provides no feature for footnote tweaking.

Boomscrashdetector.com contact details

I love sites that have good contact details, must scammers love to hide their contact details for the sole reason that they can’t face the entire world with their shameful acts.

So I checked boomscrashdetector.com for their contact detials. I clicked on the contact us button on their site and it lead to an empty page, I blank page with no contact details or form on it. This really shows how serious they are. Below is the screenshot of their contact page.

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boomcrashdetector scam or legit

Products that cost $410 would probably cost a couple of thousands of dollars to create; if they really have that capacity to create that product then they should be able to put up a good site to advertise their product.

Moving on from there, I can’t help but noticed the crappy video they came up to advertise their product with a robotic video.

Big time internet or affiliate marketer advertise their products themselves so people can have more trust in the products cause they probably have created a good name in that niche.

Boomspikedetector.com came up with such low quality image and expects us to believe? Hell no!

The corny individuals behind this site don’t have any audience on ground to advertise to so they have to create a new YouTube account and bought bot subscribers.

Big companies that are capable of creating products as this will have serious social media followers in their niches and such products will be promoted by other big players so they can earn affiliate commission.

But here is boomscrashdetector doing all that their self because no one knows them.

At least they should have been more transparent to advertise their product themselves and do many live trading videos with the products so people can believe unlike that short video that I can’t trust.

Another thing that is of great concern to me is the bitcoin method of payment and that digital money service.

For a huge amount like they should and must add credit card options, and if they do, then they would have probably gotten a merchant account from MasterCard which will be traceable than bitcoin that cannot be traced.

In my honest opinion I will advise you to stay far away from this scam.

Scam is not only heartbreaking, it’s equally wallet breaking.

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11 responses to “Boomscrashdetector.com review: is this a legit or fake?”

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  2. Sbusiso says:

    It is a scam indeed, I bought this spike detector from them for $212 then it was nothing as shown on the video. The indicator was repainting, it was giving a signal after the spike, not before the spike, which made it to be useless. Don’t waste your money on this, plus they refuse refund.

  3. Boomcrashedetector.com is a scam please stay away from these people, they cruel and evil. They sell a fake products. The so called spike indicator is fake. I bought this from them on the 20/01/2020 and it is not working. I don’t know how this people they can be stopped because they are still continue ingredients to deceive people posting lies at their telegram page. Please these people must be stopped before many people become victims .

  4. Guys on the 22/01/2020 I wrote a review about http://www.boomcrashdetector.com website telling you that it is not a safe website you not try to buy any of their products. Really, it was bad or totally wrong to say that about them. I am writing this message to apologise about what I said was totally wrong. It was because they acted the way scammers do only find that later, they were on holidays, which means they were not working on that. Since I wanted a service from them and they didn’t reply back immediately. That is why I became angry and bad mouthing about them. During the course of that day they came to me and apologise then solve my problem with them and the indicator which I bought from them is performing well after they fixed it. I thank you all.

    • You are one of the people that created that trashing indicator to scam people, i have a copy of the indicator and will upload it to Youtube shorty so you can know it’s fake, if you have the original then make a video with it and share it to me.

  5. mwaka mushantu says:

    I too bought the indicator from these guys and its not what they say it is. I paid $212 and when I requested for a refund after seeing that it doesnt work as they say it is, they stopped answering me. I am making a video that will show how the indicator works and will also include screen shots of my conversations with them. you will be shocked. I will post the video on youtube and share the link here for all to see.

  6. Linda Mdunge says:

    I’m having a problem I purchased the software on thier website and no one responding, they is no one who is saying anything, I texted them on telegram they not responding, I just want my money back because the indicator it not delivered to me as from 25 January 2020 and now it 14 Feb I just don’t know they might be a scam

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