Boxvalue review: Is boxvalue a legit way to invest into binary and Forex trading?

MY honest boxvalue review goes thus: Boxvalue is a company that claims they can help you to make money online by investing your money into forex and binary option.

Forex? What a volatile world! But hey! let’s dive in deeper to see if boxvalue can really keep to their word.

Boxvalue actually came clean by providing numerous phone number people can reach them on.

They also went above my expectation to provide list of states where they have physical office and branches, they head quarter is in Abuja at this address Suite No 209, Ruby Center Plot 762, Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja FCT, Nigeria. 08091115416,08067318400.

If you’re in Abuja and would really like to check their office then you can use that address. Hey, I will advise you personally check their office and ask one or two questions before you invest a dime into it.

Other boxvalue branches addresses includes;

PortHarcourt Branch

i~Trust Event Center Eliozu, Opposite Old OPM Church Gu AKE Road, Portharcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. 07011358661

Delta Branch

 No 49, Last Floor, Marvelous Plaza, Okapanam Road, Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria.

Ibadan Branch
No 188-189, Albarka Shopping Complex, Arisekola Market Bodija, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. 09067914165.

Kaduna Branch
No 6, Suite 25, Topmost Floor, Challenge Plaza, Ali Akilu Road, Kaduna, Kaduna State, Nigeria. 08037950036.

I really love the idea that they have offices around for people to visit, personally I will visit their office in Ibadan to see what they look like and also ask then a few questions before I can recommend them.

Don’t take this to be a positive review just yet, I’m just loving what I’m seeing so far, boxvalue really went beyond my expectation.

Who are the people behind boxvalue?

One bad thing to do is hiding behind your innovation, boxvalue claims they are a registered private trading platform which is focused on studying and using the current forex and binary market trends to generate a reasonable profit for clients.

how to make money from forex trading
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They further explained that their brokers are well trained and have many years of experience in the forex Market so your money is secured.

I don’t totally believe those lines up there, boxvalue should have knock me off my feet by providing a picture of their team members and links to their social media page.

Providing their team profile and links to their social media pages is the least they can do, people will have to entrust their money to them so at least they should let people have a good sense of who they really are.

Doubting Thomas like me will love to know who is behind boxvalue before I can even put my email into their site for registration.

What is the aim of boxvalue?

“Having seen the conditions of the people financially,we are aimed at improving lives in the best way we can by been very vast and current on market trends.

Many people have been seeking for a better life hence the reason why we put up this innovation to impact positively”

Those lines in quote up there is what they called their aim for creating boxvalue, that sounds like they want to be another jesus, they want to save the world.

Is boxvalue registered with CAC?

The moment you access boxvalue site’s url, one of the first thing to notice is the RC number displayed on the top left corner of the site, they really wanna show those number off so you can run them through CAC site to know they are registered.

I didn’t disappoint them on that, I ran the numbers on CAC site and they came good.

Also note that registering with CAC doesn’t guarantee the success of a business.

The rest of this article will be based on my visit to their branch office in Ibadan.

Hey! I had to put the article on a hold to check out their branch office in Ibadan because I’m currently based in Ibadan, I checked on boxvalue and they are not hard to locate, I was happy to locate them on time, what I was not happy about is that they are sealed-up!

Sealed-up by Securities & exchange commission (SEC) on the 05-11-2019, that’s to show you something is terribly wrong somewhere within valuebox, I can’t help but to take pictures so you can be sure this is not a made up story.

Below are pictures I took myself of their locked door and the seal on it.

box value

Is valuebox legit or scam?

To answer your question, I will say valuebox is not legit at the monement, if they are legit then they won’t for over month.

So stay away from valuebox for now till I can get hold of them to see if they are up and running.

Stay away from programs like boxvalue, giftal world, racksterly, nairalovers, nnu forum and the likes to avoid heartaches.

I will advise you don’t go around giving people money to help you trade forex when you can learn it within a short period of time yourself. Forex is technical and require serious analysis and can make people lose money easily, but if you undergo the proper tutorial you can make a lot of money for yourself.

About 2 months ago I stumbled on a youtube channel that make tutorial videos on how to trade forex, within a month I was able to learn how to trade forex and make some decent amount.

By decent amount I don’t mean millions but so far my profit is more than my lose.

You can check out the youtube channel Qora Digital Cash, all his tutorials are free.

Below is the screenshot of the youtube channel cover iamge.

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21 responses to “Boxvalue review: Is boxvalue a legit way to invest into binary and Forex trading?”

  1. Vibe says:

    Nicely done, thank you. At least boxvalue said they can give 50% of your capital not like racksterly that said 100% and they have a physical address even though the one in Ibadan is sealed.

  2. Vibe says:

    So no easy way to make money online in this country 😭

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  4. […] Few months ago a company called boxvalue got sealed by the Security and Economic Commission because of services as this, I made a review about them too and you can read it HERE. […]

  5. mobi says:

    fucking lies,.. Boxvalue is still existing and is paying its investors.

  6. Don says:

    Your review is kind of outdated. I’m currently a Boxvalue subscriber. You’re right when you said that thier office was sealed by SEC , the accounts were frozen even till now but you know what, I can confidently announce to you that Boxvalue is reimbursing subscribers their trapped fund and that’s in fullfiment of the company’s pledge. .
    As it stands now, Boxvalue is one of the most reliable online platform at least for now. We celebrated Boxvalue success story for past one last weekend. Give Boxvalue a trial and you won’t regrate you did.
    If she can survive SEC’s clampdown it means it can stand the test of time.

    • They need SEC approval to help people invest with their claims if 50% return in two 2weeks, If they are not freed my SEC then it shows they can’t stand the test of time.
      Check Google for many that has not been paid.

  7. Tunde says:

    I laughed at this your article.. SEC only closed down box value bcos the Nigerian govt don’t want anyone or institution competing with local banks and govt fiance house who dont give more than 10% interest per year, even piggy vest wanted to give people 20% annually the Nigerian govt who loves poverty so much and want everyone to die poor had to make them succumb to there 10% now imagine a company paying 50% monthly… Box value is legit 100%, there are automated ways u can make as much as 200% monthly on forex (even more) thru Forex EA, robots and copy trading … So don’t downcast the CEO , box value is legit… I have been on it for 11months and even in the next years they will still exist as long as the forex market never crashes.. Which might never happen. There new office is in Ghana anyway … And stop the bullshit of critizing entrepreneurs who try to aliviate poverty of the masses with brilliant ideas… Makes u look like a bad belle and hater of progress…

  8. teeeee says:

    Again, BoxValue has left his investors with gnashing of teeth. He has locked the telegram group and withheld their money and gone AWOL.

    All BV investors dont deserve pity.

  9. Raph says:

    Nevertheless, boxvalue will still bounce back since their aim is not to scam but to eradicate poverty.

  10. chamberlin says:

    As for me i cant say much, but all i have to say is that boxvalue CEO can be tracked because they were using bank account before which was UBA and they will still have their information and through that they can be sued to court.

    I just know that Scammers dont open account and offices as well. because boxvalue has BVN. so dont panic. thanks

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  12. teeeee says:

    BV barely operated for 3 months last year before it froze the investment with SEC story, it restarted around Nov/Dec last year by and now barely operated for another 3months before it froze second set of investment with API story.

    Jonah said their API only allowed 2btc withdrawal per day but he felt by freezing those investment is the best solution?
    If his API claim is true, he should have allowed investors withdraw 2btc daily and by now all the total funds will have been pulled out from the API.

    BV has come back now with 3 sets of investment; the one frozen last year, the one frozen this year and the new active investment. Many people are either having 2 or 1 of their investments frozen by now and Jonah still wants them to continue with a fresh investment so they can access 15%-20% of their old frozen investments from their new investment.

    Only irredeemable gullible persons will go ahead to invest with BV again after 2 previous crashes.

  13. Umar Farouk says:

    Box value is a big scam. A very mighty scam. People please be careful. Even the CAC registration the tag to their website is fake cos there is nothing like that with CAC and if you think am lieing you can go ahead and check. it is ponzi scheme used to dupe innocent people of their hard earned money. The originator of it is a big thief. Please be careful. If you invest with them its at your own risk.

  14. toto says:

    Finally, telegram has tagged BV a scam but the arrogant Jonah is still fighting his imaginary enemies. He is still calling names despite freezing people’s money twice. Does he still expect to be praises?

    Anyway, let all the BV sycophants who said Jonah has come to eradicate poverty still invest.

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