Cryptomega.com.NG Review: Is Cryptomega Legit or Scam?

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CryptoMega.com.NG Review: Is Crypto Mega Legit or Scam?

One of the top ways to earn money online is through investment and affiliate marketing. However, not all platforms online are legit. Some are created to suck the cash and life out of you doing things, expecting to earn cool cash. In other words, you shan’t earn anything. 

So, be careful of what platform you come across or introduced to. 

In this article, a website will be reviewed— a website that claim to pay its users whenever they share sponsored posts to their social media accounts.

The website is called Cryptomega. Accord to the website’s description, it says👇👇:

Cryptomega, is one of the leading affliate 

website that allows users to earn sharing sponsored post, you earn both in $ or cryptocurrencies Share Ads, Make Money Everyday Make money everyday when you share image or video ads on your social media accounts.

Looking at the URL closely: cryptomega.com.ng, it can be observed that it is a Nigerian platform, i.e it is owned by a Nigerian. 

Honestly, there’s nothing wrong in owning a website as a Nigerian, but one must look at the platform carefully to figure out the website is going to offer.

It says users can earn sharing sponsored posts on Facebook and other social media. Sponsored posts include articles, video ads and images.

Now let’s look at the sponsored posts this website is trying to talk about. 


From the image above, you can see that they are only trying to promote or publicise themselves without no external products or advert.  Well, that’s a red flag. 

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Sponsored posts should include advertorials from external sources. In other words, they don’t have any products to sell or offer.

How does Cryptomega.com.ng works?

Cryptomega is a platform that is designed essentially to get its users make money daily, anytime. It claims to provide smart people with the opportunity to leverage the internet and take control deciding what the internet should do for them, i.e to make money.

Cryptomega provides people with opportunity to take advantage of the internet and turn our everyday social media into a tool for Learning and Earning (I.e Having skills and making passive income).

How to sign up on Cryptomega

Signup is pretty easy. Follow the step below to get started.

I. On the Cryptomega website, click on the BUY COUPON.

II. Contact one of the coupon vendors to get a coupon code

III. Click on the register button.

IV. Fill in each field with the appropriate details 

V. Then login with email or username and password.

The fact that you’ll have to buy a coupon code before signing up is another read flag. 


1.Click on sponsored post for the day I.e sponsored post for 1st of January 2021

2.Download the image on the page 

3.Copy the text on the post

4.Post the image with the text on your Facebook timeline{Make sure your posts are public}.

5.Finally go back to the sponsored post on the site and click the click to earn button.

Is Cryptomega a scam?

We won’t conclude it’s a scam, but there are many red flags including the identity of  the owners of the website which can’t be found throughout the site’s navigation.



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