Dairyvest Investment Is A Scam (BUSTED)

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My honest dairyvest review

Few weeks ago couple of foreign numbers messaged me on whatsapp asking if i could help them review their investment app that was about to launch.

Fast forward to 3 days ago the screenshot the site was sent to me on whatsapp that the app is ready, i was given a link to download from a site, i asked of the app official site so i can take a look.

dairyvest was a total eyesore when i saw it , below is a screenshot of the website.

The looks alone doesn’t make it a scam right ? so i had to look further, the two number that contacted me are not Nigerian numbers but they quote investment with Nigerian Naira.

The profile of the admins are not listed on the website, how on God’s earth would anyone create an investment website and expecting people to entrust their money to him and won’t display his identity?

Dairyvest is registered with any agency in Nigeria so the safety of your investment is near zero.

They offer me 8,000 for a positive review but i see nothing positive on their site so i turned down the money and decided to do my review my way so my subscribers on youtube can be warned of the risk involved in dairy vest.

I created a video on youtube about it and they teamed up to thumbs the video and wrote a lot of comments that are not true.

The website launched less than a week ago so i don’t know how some claimed they already got paid by the site, below are screenshot from the video i uploaded and the comments and reactions so far.

From the screenshot below you would see the video has 129 dislike within 3 hours, lol…. that’s how far they are willing to go to discredit any video exposing them.


Many youtubers are hired to give them are good review and many are participating so they can get referral commission, investing into dairyvest simply means throwing your money away!.

The investment doesn’t pass any of my scam check list so i can boldy pronounce it a scam investment.

Stay away from dairyvest, for more scam and legit investment review like, kindly subscribe to my youtube channel Sloreviews so you can be notified immediately i upload new videos.

solomon julius

solomon julius

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