Dltwallet.co review: Is dltwallet legit or scam

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dltwallet review

Dltwallet.co is more of a crypto asset, cryptos can be sub-divided into coins and token.

Dltwallet is a token, I don’t know when the token was created but I will like to highlights few things so you can understand their program and decide if it’s made just for you or not.

I like the intuitive user-interface design and the quality of graphics used but I’ve learnt long time ago not to be deceived by good looks especially when it comes to website offering investment packages.

Dltwallet no doubt also offers a wallet facility, the name alone made that clear enough for the blind to see. One danger about this program is that they are relatively new and the plans they have has already failed when other companies practiced it years back.

Dltwallet compensation plan

Dltwallet has a complex compensation plan designed for participant and how much they can get paid for joining their program and for referring others, the minimum amount to invest into dltwallet is $50, they also advised people to join with amount 20% higher than the initial amount they recommended.

20% of $50 is $10, meaning you are advised to join with $60, with this amount, you will earn around 10-18% monthly.

Ways to earn with dltwallet

1) Passive revenue: Variable income between 10% to 18% monthly that is 0.35% a day approximately from their crypto-currencies that they put in the DLT wallet.

2) Level Income: Residual commissions via a uni-level compensation structure.

User “A “has introduced one investor direct sponsorship. If the direct down line(X) gets suppose 0.02BTC as ROI for the day, then the user also gets 0.02 BTC as level 1 revenue. If the direct downline X introduces anyone in the system suppose Y, user Y has a daily ROI of 0.01 BTC then then X also gets 0.01 BTC as level 1 revenue

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Case 1: For user A, since Y is on second level, a will get second level ROI only if A has atleast two direct towlines at level 1. Since he doesn’t he is not eligible for second level income.

Case 2: Suppose a User has introduced one more investor B direct sponsorship. Then, If the direct downline B gets suppose 0.03BTC as ROI for the day, then the user also gets 0.03 BTC as level 1 revenue and he is eligible for 2nd level ROI also (he has two direct X and B) i.e. 40% of second level ROI of the day i.e. 40% of Y’s daily ROI (40% of 0.01BTC)

3) Group/community rewards : Engage and participate in Community circle to achieve incomparable rewards

The compensation plan of DLT NETWORK is among the most powerful referral plans available in the industry today, predominantly due to its simplicity, low barrier to entry, as well as unlimited earning potential.

Anyone can subscribe to trading bot and receive daily rewards in DLT NETWORK as long as they deposit at least $1 into the project. If you are however interested in receiving additional DLT NETWORK from recommending this wallet to others, all you have to do is deposit at least $50 in crypto into the DLT NETWORK ,whilst ensuring that the $ value of your deposit always stays above $50.

Example: If the price of Ethereum today is $250 and you deposit 2 ETH into trading bot, that deposit is equal to $500 today. If one day however, the price of ETH drops to $240, your 2 ETH will be worth $480, and although you will still be receiving DLT NETWORK from your own deposit, the extra DLT NETWORK from sharing will STOP coming in, until your balance goes over $100 again.

That’s why we recommend that you deposit at least 20% more, than the minimum $50.

It’s important for you to also know that you (and everyone else) will ONLY be earning “commissions from sharing” from members who deposit at least $50 in crypto. Smaller deposits do NOT unlock affiliate commissions.

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