Elancie.com Review: How to Register on Elancie and Make Money

Welcome to another website review by Artful at Slooreviews.com. I’m Artful, and in this review article,  I’ll be introducing you to a potential money-making website called Elancie.com. How to register on Elancie.com and how to make money on Elancie.com

As you know that Slooreviews is aimed that giving the best of information you need on business, investments, and money-making platforms. In this review article, Slooreviews we’ll be looking at another money-making platform.

Having said that, let’s dive into Elancie, what is Elancie, how it works, how to register on Elancie, and most importantly, how to make money on Elancie.

What is Elancie

Explaining what the platform is, Elancie is an online platform where products and services are advertised to potentials customers. Members (Advertiser) usually pay other members who are the promoters of the platform Elancie to advertise their products and promote them to a larger audience through social media.

It is one of the latest income earning programs that became popular in 2020. It pays its members for sharing advertised content through social media.

For advertisers, it is a platform where contents get to reach a wider audience, then for the promoters who are tasked to get the content advertised to a wider audience for the promoters, it is an income earning platform or program.

How Elancie Works

Just like many income earning programs, for example, Racksteli, Elancie has two kinds of members: the advertiser and the promoter. The promoter is also the earner.

On Elancie.com, an advertiser pays for their content to go viral or promoted by the promoters (earners) on social media to reach a wider audience. In other words, one of the common ways to earn money on Elancie.com is to register and get a unique link that monitors clicks shared on Elancie by the advertisers. You share through social media. The more clicks you get, the more you get paid. You see it’s still in the family affiliate marketing.

As an advertiser, Elancie markets itself as a platform that helps you generate over 500 YouTube views for every content you’re marketing on the platform for just $6. Real human views.

Also, there’s one thing about Elancie that makes it looks like a scam, which it’s not in the real sense: as promoters, you are tasked right? You’re like an employee of the advertiser under the host of Elancie. But, you’re also to pay a monthly subscription to get on the platform as a promoter. Quite funny. That’s how income earning platforms work.

Elancie Membership Purchase Plans

Before you can be a member of the earning platform, you must have purchased your membership upon registration. Below this section, you’ll be instructed on how to register. It’s quite simple.

Your membership subscription will be on a monthly basis. For the purpose of this article, I’ll be looking at the membership purchase plans for those that want to register as earners.

  • Basic Plan

Subscription fee: $27

Daily Earnings: $2.78

Plan Validity: 30 days (1 month)

Withdrawal Charges: $15

  • Standard Plan

Subscription fee: $47

Daily Earnings: $4.28

Plan Validity: 30 days (1 month)

Withdrawal Charges: $5

  • Pro Plan

Subscription fee: $87

Daily Earnings: $7.2

Plan Validity: 30 days (1 month)

Withdrawal Charges: $3

One unique feature about these plans is, as you must have observed, that the more your monthly subscription fee, the more you earn, and the less you’re charged for withdrawal.

To pay for any of these plans, you’ll have to pay in cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin.

How to Register for Elancie

  • Open the ‘Create Account’ page on Elancie.com
  • Fill in your details such as your real names, a valid email, then a strong password. You could use the password generated for you by your browser— it is usually very strong and automatically saves it for you so that you do not have to remember it. Otherwise, enter your own unique password.
  • Verify your email
  • Select ba membership plan that suits you
  • Then, you’ll be redirected to the payment page where you’ll have to make your payments in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin
  • All is set!

Is Elancie.com a Legit or a Scam?

Merely looking at the website and its structure, looking at what we’ve discussed about the platform so far, it doesn’t seem to be a scam. It seems to look legit. One could be doubting if it’s legit where he has to pay for his monthly membership subscription to join. Many websites have reviewed this website and have one to the conclusion that it isn’t a scam. However, like other income earning programs like this, one has to be quite skeptical about the whole thing. People may have the feeling that the website may crash after a few days of putting money on it. That’s why it is advisable for you not to put your hard earned money on platforms like this. If you have a little change to spare, the. You could try it out. You’re gonna get your return on investment. The website may crash and may not but not tomorrow. Maybe later.

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