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What is learn digital with Google? I keep bumping into an adverts on Facebook countless times in a day that says learn digital with Google, it got to a point that I can’t stand it no more so I had to throw in  a few clicks to know learn digital with Google is all about.

In this current age and time that we live in which is the era of internet and digitization, youngsters and entrepreneur are looking to take digital marketing courses online to get them fit and prepared for this present era, learn digital comes in at this point and make most of the digital courses free with a certificate to it.

That sounds awesome right? So if you are one of those aspiring to take digital courses online on udemy or coursera and the likes then this is a great news and opportunity for you to learn from the countless skills from the learn digital with Google program.

To join this program, you have to sign up, this process cost you $0.00 to join, there are about 4-6 lessons with total of 106 courses to learn, whichever courses you decide to learn from the learn digital with Google program will award you a certificate at the end of the program.

Adding this certificate to your resume will make a great difference and the course itself will empower you to thrive more in the digital marketing era, seize the opportunity today and stand out from the crowd.

After every lesson, there is short test or quiz of about 2-4 question which will cover all you’ve learnt in the previous exercise, it is compulsory for you to pass this to proceed to the next level of the course.

Once you pass all the lessons then you can move on to take the final exam which contains 40 questions which you must get at least 32 correct from the 40 questions. Failure to get this questions right, you will have to wait for the next ten hours to give it a try again.

Courses offered in the learn digital with Google program are of good economic value and will cost small fortune to learn them from experts or buying e-books on udemy, some of the courses offered on the learn digital with Google includes;

From deep research I learnt question after each exercise are very difficult and technical so you will do well to put your mind into the program full so you will be able to answer the questions that follows and proceed to the next level/phase of the course.

I’m happy that Google really has decided to provide these awesome courses for free, personally I will take some of these courses to keep me well informed, check the program out from https://learndigital.withgoogle.com  and pick one of your choice and start learning straight away, that will be all for now on the learn digital with Google program, stay tuned so you can be aware when information regarding the program is out.

This program will help digital marketers, information marketers such as bloggers and other individuals alike, there is a great tool bloggers can use to get their site indexed easily too, this tool is called google search console, learn how to use google search console today.

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