Fast2earn review: Is fast2earn legit or scam

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fast2earn legit or scam

Someone reached out to me to help write review about fast2earn, basically, what we do here at slooreviews.com is to throw light at any business models running around so people can be aware  of what they are about to get themselves into.

What is fast2earn?

Fast2earn claims they are  good ways for individuals to raise funds for business, this is different from grants, if you choose to invest into any company, you will get ROI , so your investment is like buying the company’s share.

Fast2earn claims that they brought a solution to stock exchange by creating a digital stock exchange.

Digital stock exchange is great but the fear in what fast2earn is proposing is that people are buying shares of  new start-up  companies that might not even make it to the major market , this is not a wise business models.

The companies listed on fast2earn are not big companies, so they are not registered and they don’t have right to issue out shares, if they are issuing out shares on fast2earn then how much is a unit of their shares ?  How do they arrive at that amount?

You don’t just start a company and issue out shares and also decide how much a unit of your share worth.

So in my honest opinion, what fast2earn is proposing isn’t clear at all and I don’t see a good investment in it.

It is natural that most Nigerian bloggers will say  fast2earn  are legit because they have a referral program, and every blogger out there will try to make you their referral so they can receive 50% referral commission that fast2earn promises.

Where are different here, we don’t recommend products that are not worth it, we don’t derive joy in writing positive review, in rare occasion when we refer programs, such programs must at least pass all our critique test and must be a safe platform before we can recommend it to our readers.

Investing into new star- up on fast2earn is like throwing a cup of water into the ocean and hoping to fetch that same portion of water out of the ocean.

The probability is near to impossible, come to think of it, how to do you sell the share you bought on fast2earn?

But from what I’m seeing on fast2earn, each company stated the lowest amount of donation they can take and the return on investment (ROI) you will get. That doesn’t sound like a share; shares grow and fall depending on how the business is thriving.

Now that each company has promised a fixed ROI , what if their share crashes badly, how do you get the promised interest?

Since those companies listed in fast2earn are start-up companies, in most cases, they won’t have necessary administrative personal for all the legal paper works involved in share buying, let’s assume fast2earn shutdown tomorrow and you have invested large amount of money on some start-up companies, how to get your ROI?

In cases of sole proprietorship like tailors that you donated money for and you can no longer locate? How do you get such person you met via fast2earn to pay you your money?

If you need fundraise then I will suggest gofundme and many other fund raising platforms out there.

Fast2earn are confused, they need to work on the services to render to make a complete sense, their referral program is useless as a referral program is not necessary in the business model they proposed, the business models they proposed also is not solid.

I won’t advice my readers to invest into any company listed on fast2earn, you can try your hands at blogging affiliate marketing, bitcoin, forex trading and among many others.

Currently there is a good forex course making wave and I would like you all to have a look at it, click on take me to the forex course already and scroll to the end of the write-up and you will have a good scope of each of the forex courses and their features.

Invest wisely in this 2020, it takes money to make money but then you have to do necessary findings before you invest into any business.

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solomon julius

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