How to make over NGN50,000 naira with forsage.io a month

Forsage.io is a smart contract MLM program on the Ethereum blockchain, it is decentralized so there is no admin, the program has been set in place and it is free of human interference, all you have to do is join, bring in members and get paid.

Hey, no one is paying you through this platform, you are paying yourself, you don’t have to worry about 30 days payout or worrying about having a specific balance before you can withdraw.

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You are free to withdraw anything regardless of the amount in your account, another advantage of this smart contract is that you don’t do it with fiat currency (Niara, USD, Shilling) that devalues due to inflation and bad economy, you will be using ethereum that has the potential have the highest growth in the crypto speheres, so while you earning, the value of your money in Naira increases as ethereum get stronger.

Do not forget ethereum is the second cryptocurrency with the largest market capitalization, so you this isn’t joke.

The Forsage has two programs called Forsage x3 and Forsage X4, generally it cost 0.055ETH to sign up for the Forsage program, 0.055ETH is Equivalent to $10 or 4,900.

Below is a video explanation of how the forsage x3 program works, watch it to have good insights.

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  1. Alex says:

    Hello Juslius, Am done reading.
    How do i signup for the program? what is your ID etc?

  2. Tosin says:

    How can I join this program

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