5 steps to get over 10,000 twitter followers

You wanna know to how to get twitter followers? One of the major social media scare is the fear of not being recognized or noticed in an online community of millions of people, where everyone is saying something at every point in time. We sometime wonder “what in the whole wide world do I say to get their attention?”.

But spoiler alert: It was never about what you twitted online, even If 10% of your followers might be influenced by that. Most times we think all that trendy friend of ours did was look rich and talk about viral stuffs, which sometimes make a big influence on our followers but never makes those followers, or keeps them as much as we think.

on this article I will be telling you easy and yet effective ways to make, keep and interact with your twitter followers. And be rest assured in matter of few weeks/months you’ll see positive results.

Actionable steps to follow

  1. Optimize your twitter profile:

Just as the word implies, you need to make your twitter profile look more interesting and catchy not boring and uninteresting. This optimization process includes; profile picture optimization, bio write-up and the cover picture.

Profile picture optimization: on this note you have to be cautious on the kind of profile picture you set up. If it’s an organization account or profile the profile picture has to be something that relates to the organization like its logo, or tagline etc. but when it’s a personal profile it should depict your personality and when I say this I don’t mean you should set up a picture of an eagle or a dolphin. You should preferably put up your personal picture or an avatar of yourself. The picture should not be too large or too small, this means it should have a size of about 400×400 pixels with good quality /resolution.

Bio write-up: The  Bio write-up has to clearly highlights what you do, it must be well formatted as you have limited words to spell all you do on your profile, one good convention to use here is to use the separator indication to tell people what you do, for example if you a photographer, event planner , you bake cake and you also trade cryptocurrency and you want everyone who visit your profile to know you do all the aforementioned trades above then you have to write them all out using the separator indication e.g Photographer|Event Planner| Caterer| Crypto Trader, if you have other things link url that you will like your targeted audience to visit then you can as well display that in your bio write-up, a good example of bio write-up are displayed below.

Cover Picture: This aspect too is very vital , you can decide not to use cover picture but at the end your audience might find your profile very boring and the spaces provided for the cover picture banner will look blank making you lose out on huge opportunity of displaying a well designed graphic content to further tell your targeted audience what you do, one mistake you can’t afford to make here is putting a low quality image or a word cluttered picture or image as your cover picture, keep it simple, catchy and informatory with the help of a good graphic designer.

I can help in designing a very good cover picture at a cost though (I don’t render that service for free, no chance in hell to get that free from me heheh), one thing I can assure you is that I don’t charge a fortune to have that designed for anyone who needs it.

2.Engage with your Followers: Social media presence is very important in this point in time where over 35% of the world population uses internet, but it’s of great advantage to know that your social presence is not limited to having huge followers alone but also engaging your followers, how do you engage your followers? By posting content they can reply to, content that needs their opinion, when such content is posted and the likes/comments start rolling in, then you have to reply them to show them their replies, comments and likes is very important to you, this practice will increase followers engagement with your tweet and therefore make your tweet more visible to other people on twitter, this way you will no doubt have more followers and more engagements in your subsequent posts.

3.Staying Active on Twitter : Staying active on twitter has to do with the number of minute you use on twitter and the number of post you share with your followers daily, if you really want to have good number of followers then you must post curated content, this includes; images, quotes, gifs and your very own content, this should be at least 10-15  meaningful tweets per day.

Large and engaging twitter audience will no doubt redirect traffic to your site but you also need other social media to move more traffic to your site.

Read my article on importance of YouTube channel to your blog and how to create a captivating YouTube channel.

Posting the same type of content is very boring so you will have to spice things up for your followers by going the extra miles to get them a very good content different from your regular type of content, this way your follower number will increase and you will stay relevant, failure to do these, you might end up losing followers as they will have no reason to follow you again as your content isn’t benefiting or interesting them.

NOTE: if the account is for an organization then your tweets must be centered on what the organization does and not just reposting of comedy or sentimental stories, jokes and tweets cause you’re the handler.

4.Plan and schedule your tweets:

It’s very important to know your followers engagement so you can utilize it and know when to send tweet out, if you send out your tweets when your followers are not online then that will result in less visibility and less visibility will result in less engagement and less followers, from research it was noticed that tweet have more engagement between 9-10 a.m, during this period, over 35,000 tweet is sent out per seconds so   indirectly you will have more tweets to compete with so you can’t afford to post poor content, in other words your tweets during this period must be more relevant to your followers and as said in the previous point made, avoid repetition of tweets no matter the restructuring of this same post.


Am sure you’re wondering what sort of method this is and what it entails, it has come to notification that account created within a period of a year now have thousands of twitter followers, how do they do this? Shocker is most of these followers are not bot, so how on God’s earth can a new account amass that huge followers?

This is what I called the BADASS METHOD, around 7-11 pm you see tweet of the form below on twitter as people to drop comments, like people’s comments and asking those who dropped the comment to follow those who likes their comment,.

This way you can have as much as 20 followers per day, following up the maths you can have as much as 140 followers per week and totaling about 560 followers per month and that is a whole lot of figures for free.

One disadvantage of this method is, your account can easily get restricted as twitter doesn’t support the method so you got to be very careful while indulging in stuffs like that, it’s not ethical but I’m pretty sure my readers can’t wait forever to get plenty followers.

Another disadvantage of this method is that you can’t help but follow random people too so you might end up following more people than those who actually follows you, to partake in this easy follower trick you can follow me on twitter via this link and turn on my tweets notification so you get the notification every night once the BADASAA niggas comes online and start running riots lol.

Below are good examples of account that uses the BADASS formula, let’s roll.

Don’t forget it’s not advisable as your account might get restricted, but if you play your card right and follow me for the daily signal you will be safe as the word safe itself, stay tuned on ,I have many good articles coming your way.

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