Giftalworld Review: Are they legit or scam?

Giftal world? What’s that about really? So I stumbled on this about 4 weeks ago and had to run test around it to know what is going on over there. So from research I see some bad things that are not worth wasting time on, I mean I saw some bad sights, eyesore.

Giftal world is a replica of NNU, hope you guys remembered NNU crashed? Any innovation that is not well thought out is doomed to crash.

I still don’t understand how some groups can just bring themselves together and create some substandard business strategy and some of us will blindly put money into it.

Don’t be deceived by those fake testimonies and screenshot on Giftalworld site because all those can be cooked up easily.

I still don’t know what they do really, if NNU failed then this same program is bound to fail for the sole reason that they’re based on the same ideology.

Judging from the overall look and feel of Giftal world site I can say the site was designed by an amateur designer with bad color sense, the logo is trashy, the write-up wobbled, so many things seems wrong with this platform so I will advise you stay away from it.

Watch the video below to know the 5 shocking facts about giftalworld before you invest a dime.

The founder of the program is not known, I guess he/she want to remain anonymous like the founder of Bitcoin (hehehe).

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Why won’t people be proud of their innovation? If the founder thinks he/she is doing something tangible then Giftalworld should have been a better innovation with a whole idea and not the all in one innovation they called financial success trash.

watch a quick review of giftalworld

What does Giftalworld do? (Weytin dem dey do self?)

So basically what GIftalworld does is they collect your 2k for registration and be like owh! Take #500 back and login every day to earn #50 (NGN) and be ready to use the whole day commenting and sharing our articles, so from the traffic they get daily, they applied for AdSense and display Ads all over the pages, the whole site screams of adverts.

I won’t take this a good business model so I’m greatly concerned and I will write them an Email so they can reply me, if I see they have a good plan I will gladly write a positive review about their platform, but so far giftal world is trash.

I saw a line that sounds very impolite, I don’t think it’s a cool way to sound to people you don’t know, so here is a screenshot of the line below.

They said claimed they are registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with this number 2680874 so what ?

I looked the number up on the CAC database and their name appeared but NNU was registered too but they still crashed, the CAC registered any business without proper questioning regarding the scope of its operation, after the registration they don’t really know what is going on, all they care for is the money people pay during the registration process.

Giftalworld pays wtf they want, A friend of mine did it for 3 weeks or thereabout and he wasn’t paid (lol).

I wasn’t surprised cause I already told him not see Giftal world as a messiah, the founder is surviving on your money.

Once the money is not coming in like before and probably AdSense fold up on their site that encourages people to click on Advert that won’t benefit them, maybe by then just like refer ng, NNU, tap2earn, rolexkash ,and other trashy platform they will stop functioning and disappear with people’s money ( for vanishing).

If you fall for this after reading my article then I need to sue you personally for letting me waste my time in creating this article at the middle of the night when everyone is probably snoring and having sweet dreams, but as for the people behind Giftalword no sweet dreams for them for coming up with such a lame innovation.

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32 responses to “Giftalworld Review: Are they legit or scam?”

  1. Akin Olamide says:

    This Is truth my brother they have scammed me 2k5 already, they are bloody scammer

  2. Jeff_Blake's says:

    Pls check what this link says…very convincing…
    So what should I believe??
    Don’t get me twisted, am not trying to piss off ur article but man we are famz and can’t really tell…. Which of you bloggers is now trying to make money from writing up stories and articles or perhaps gaining audience??
    I mean,
    On that link, someone (a blogger) may have been paid to come up with such article to aid up the “Giftalword platform”

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  8. I need u to DM me in my email now please 🙏

  9. Peri says:

    Giftalworld is scam Don’t waste your time and energy. I registered and after registration I cannot do anything on the site again 😂😂

  10. Ezege says:

    Bro weather u are making this blog for or own profit I dnt care but the information u shed are true.. This scums are scam.. They just collected my hard earned money… After one month of sharing their advert on my Facebook nd Instagram, wasting my data and time for one month I was never paid a Kobo. 😭😭😭

  11. Promise land Anozie says:

    Thank God I read this now,, I wanted to register with Giftalworld

  12. Wilson says:

    This Article is Absolutely Great,
    I have seen the necessary informations I want.

    Bravo the blog writer.
    Some vital Giftalworld informations is here to https://zealspare.com.ng/giftalworld-review

  13. Ilery says:

    True too they scammed me oh

  14. Temi says:

    Thanks….I almost join them

  15. Christian says:

    I really wanted to register thank God. Make I go buy chill beer.

  16. Chidera says:

    Please how can I get back my password someone hacked my account have tried contacting them giftalworld for the password but all to no avail

  17. Diddy says:

    Oh shit am in trouble.
    I already joined.
    Because some of the articles are read, said it was legit.


  18. Mikel says:

    Baba thanks for the info✌ am about to join before I read your article… May God bless you.

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  20. onnsmart says:

    thank you, I know the platform is a scam, the guy keeps blabbing on his IG page that he has paid over 1 billion naira out to people this and that,he said in April alone they have paid over 100m,butwhen it was time to pay activities he said he only budgeted 20million for activities, that if hes to pay everyone there wont be much left. as in how does it sound in the ear, you paid have paid over 1billion,you have already paid 100m in 3weeks, but all you have left on is 20m to pay activity withdrawal. so f****n scam! government should stop anybody coming up with an idea plan of stopping all this yung dumb goats bringing out ideas bout settin up a news and read site. its making nigeria people look soo stupid 😕😕

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  22. Disgruntled wife says:

    Lol. When my husband was told about this stupid giftal world in March during the lock down, as his business was affected by the lockdown he decided to go into it, he pitched the thing to me I said (like always) that it sounded like a scam and I wasn’t interested. He went ahead and paid 3k to the person that told him about it. He was told that by April he would get 15k for each 30000 points (I think a click is a point) he did this thing like homework. Every day, every night, middle of the night, he would post their ads everyday on his social media. By the day in April they said they would pay out. They gave I think a 10min window to request for cashout, by then, he had over 70k points so I was expecting at least 30k. Next thing the site went offline. He could no longer access the site, when it came back online we heard they had paid people and that now they would give you 5k for each 50k points if you are interested or you wait till the following month. It was at this point I told him to stop wasting his time abut he still didn’t listen. This month he was waiting for his pay, all of a sudden giftall WhatsApp grp changed name to “info for ex giftal world” then later changed name to something about youth in Nigeria or something. Then the owner, the so called ebright guy deleted all his posts on social media. It’s not even the 3k that’s painful, it’s the waste of time. But what do I know? 🤷 afterall, I was the fool that lost 150k on twinkas. Who am I to judge?

  23. michael says:

    Pls i would like to know if prime vault is legit or scam

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