Greengold investment reviews: 3% ROI Daily Legit or Scam?

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greengold investment

Have you heard about Greengold investment?  Not quite long I stumbled on a video on YouTube about an investment opportunity that is environment friendly ,the company or organization plants trees that would later be cut down and carved into furniture or any timber work, basically they keep planting all year round I guess.

For every $25 (approximately N12,500) they plant a tree, sounds good eh? The company happens to be greengold investment!

Greengold just like every other investment company out there has its own risk and I will discuss about them shortly.

What is The Risk of Investing into Greengold Investment?

Video inside somewhere which seems like a tree plantation but how are we sure the tress were that of his company greengold?

The return on investment is a little bit high so how are we sure greengold is going to keep up paying that on the long run?

The venture of planting tree is cool and pretty new in the MLM sphere but how are we sure it is going to be sustainable ?

With all of these question in mind it is wise to have fear in mind, to be honest with you I have an account with greengold, a $50 account, I didn’t create the cause I got answers to all the questions up there , I did solely because I like the business model and I also invested an amount I can afford to lose.

If you are going to invest into greengold or any investment   on the internet it is advised you invest an amount you can afford to lose, know this and know peace.

If you read all the risk up there and  you still want to know more about greengold investment then I think the next to talk about is how to register or create an account on greengold.

How to Create Account on Greengold Investment?

This process is pretty simple, all you have to do us visit the greengold official site greengoldorg.com and click on register, you will get the form below with spaces to fill in your Username, Full Name, Email Address, Country, Phone Number, Password in that order, after which you can click on “Register Now” and you will be taken to the dashboard if all your information are correct or valid.

greengold investment

How to Make Money on Greengold Investment

Now that you have an account on greengold investment I think the next line of action is how to make real money with it.

There are many ways to make money on greengold investment and I’m going to explain all of the method below.

The first method is the daily ROI which is around 1.6% e.g you get $0.8 daily on  the ECO50 package which cost around $50 , $0.8 is the 1.6% of $50, when you multiply that by 5 you would see you earn around $4 per week and that’s around $16 monthly and $196 yearly.

Other ways of making money on greengold investment are listed in the picture below.

I created a video review of greengold on my youtube channel you can watch it , subscribe to Slooreviews on youtube so you can be notified whenever I post new content, join my telegram channel and twitter  for frequent update as well.

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