GurusPromo International Review: Is gurusPomo legit or scam

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GurusPromo international claim they have the below companies as their advertisement partners.

This is the common lies around the web these days, racksterly also made the same claim before they ran away with people’s money.

GurusPromo international need to show us proves to their claims, if they are in partnership with those companies then there should be a document to back it up, so don’t fall for them.

The next red flag I discovered is the platform gurusPromo international is not  a foreign platform, the video testimonial of a white guy on their site is bough from freelance sites like fiverr, freelancer and upwork.

Now that we know gurusPromo international are not foreign, why do they have to put international numbers on their site to discourage us from calling them?

Another red flag about gurusPromo international is that we don’t know the shitty faceless people behind it, you must stay away from any investment platform that requires you to drop money with them and they don’t have founder’s profile where you can read about the founders.

It is not enough for them to put pictures up and put a name underneath it, they must link the picture to their social media pages so we can verify that they are who they claim be in person.

GurusPromo international founder should create videos explaining his reason for creating such platform and why he or she thinks it will work out because racksterly and the likes failed woefully.

GurusPromo is shady for the fact that they are asking us to register with money before we can promote adverts to our audience, the largest Ads network on internet is Google Adsense, you don’t have to pay a dime to join, all you need is the audience be it on your blog site or youtube channel.

Speaking of google adsense, you can read my article on how to get adsense approval in 2020 and get on the right track.

Racksterly came out with the same shitty plan, people paid and were sharing some ads and before we know racksterly fold up and disappeared into thin air.

There is no free money on the internet so don’t believe you will really get paid for sharing advert to your facebook page, that is not a tangible work that’s worth paying anyone for.

There are five criteria to follow to detect a scam, I created a video on how to spot investment scam and highlighted the 5 major criteria in it, watch the video and note down the criteria so you can refer back to them whenever you come across any investment platform.Final Judgment: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, GurusPromo international remains a scam until the founder step forward to put all things straight.

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