Hot Skills to Learn to Expand Your Skill Set in 2021

Twenty-Twenty One is still in its prime and we are still in the month of the New Year, January. Surely, on December 31st, you must have set a goal to learn a new skill or expand your skillset. This is a perfect time, either as a young student or as an adult to start learning incredible, highly in-demand, and lucrative skills. Once you have learned a skill, practice, unlearn, learn, relearn, and gain mastery of that particular skill(s). Then you can go on to sell yourself and make a huge amount of smackers into your bank account. In this article, we will talk about some hot skills you can learn to expand your skillset in 2021. Read on.


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Thousands of websites are hacked on a daily basis– if not millions. Businesses with high authority websites are easy for hackers and other malicious attacks to pentrate in to their website’s data if not properly secured. So, businesses with websites or online presence are in dire need of experts in cybersecurity to render their services in defending computers, website data, electronics, mobile devices, apps, network, etc against malicious attacks. This skill is worth of learning in 2021 as people who have the knowledge are only few; it is unsaturated and one of the lucrative skills to learn in 2021. As long as hackers are still at work, cybersecurity experts will be needed for a long time.

Google Analytics

skills to learn in 2021

Although, it is notoriously complicated, it is one of the most essentially hot skills to learn in 2021. Many business owners who have websites rarely know how to keep track of all the activities running on their website. They do not know to keep track of data, information, traffic, and sales. Experts in Google Analytics could render their render their service of expertise to companies by managing all the activities that occur on the company’s site.

Google Analytics is a data-tracking tool by Google that provides you with an in-depth look at your website’s activities, giving you in-depth analyses of what is going on. E.g How much traffic you get, how much sales you have made, how many visitors click on your website everyday, and many ,more.

Cloud Computing

skills to learn in 2021

This skill is one of the most unsaturated skills to learn in 2021. Many businesses and companies are now moving from saving their resources in the traditional disk storage or hard drive to the cloud storage. This makes it easier to access their files easily from anywhere and any device registered. Also it is quite safe. Files and data are stored on remote servers and all these data and files are accessed via the internet. Businesses are in dire need of cloud computing experts at the moment to help save their files and data from crashing suddenly.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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For decades, SEO has been the backbone of whatever keyword you type on the Google search box. For example, if you type ” pizza shops near me” on the Google or Bing search box, it shows you a page filled with different websites that provides the best answers to your questions about pizza. Also, it also recommends the best shops near you where you can get the best pizza. That shop or company recommended by the search engine has been optimisesd for the search engine. You understand what I mean? Businesses have begun to find potential customers and sales through the search engine. So, there is no doubt that SEO experts with the knowledge of On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Local SEO, and technical SEO are in dire need by businseese and companies across the globe. They need their company to get more traffic lika Amazon or McDDonalds. If you have learnt this skill, you could be cashing out big time. It is unarguably now of the most hot skills to learn in 2021.

Also, if you have a business or service, you can use this skill to skyrocket your business.


skills to learn in 2021

This skill is one the skills that is regarded as a classic. It is over a hundred years old and it is still a hot cake. It might come last on this list but is one of the most in-demand skills to learn in 2021 and forever. Business and companies are dire need of people with good writing skill to help write persuasive advertising and sales copies for social media and web site. This skill is so indispensable that once gained mastery of, you begin to earn in six figures.

Bottom Line

These skills are high in demand by many businesses and companies. Once you learn any of these skills, you canadd them to your resume to attract employers during interviews. You can take courses on Udemy to strat learning any of these skills from scratch.

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