How do I locate my Google AdSense PIN in Nigeria easily

How do I locate my Google AdSense PIN in Nigeria easily

When it come to receiving Google AdSense PIN in Nigeria, it is always very difficult due to the bad street layout and Numbering system, bad postal system and also very incompetent staffs at the postal offices.

Most at times, the mail will be shipped to the nearest post office to the address on the envlope of the Google AdSense PIN but since the Google AdSense Letter is not always a registered mail and it doesn’t carries a phone number, the workers treats such mail with levity and can trash it anytime.

TheGoogle AdSense mail will never be delivered to your house or door step, the mail is going to remain in the post offices waitingfor claims till they trash it in the bin, and trust me it doesn’t take long before they trash them, na naija we dey na.

While waiting for my Google AdSense PIN in Nigeria i waited for over 4 months, i was making money every month but i can’t withdraw it cause i need the pin. it is crazy trust me, the waiting can be so draining .

I exhausted all my 3 trials, i tried to get a manual verification but it wouldn’t work cause the address i dropped isn’t on my Government issued ID card.

Luckily for me i came across a company called Globah Logistics Experts on the internet, they specialized in helping people to search for Google Adsense PIN or any goods you shipped in and it is taking forever to get to you, you can reach out to Globah Logistics Experts, they help in locating my AdSense PIN within 2 weeks and they only charged 5k, how i wish Google Asked me to pay that amount to send me the code on time, I don’t know if their rate remain the same or they vary.

You can reach out to then using the picture below and thank me later….Cheers.

Google Adsense in Nigeria

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