How to Make Money Blogging in Nigeria (2019)

Before we start speeding on the topic of how to make money blogging in Nigeria.

Let’s first understand what blogging is.

What is blogging?

Blogging is the act of writing in a blog site.

Originally, blogs could only be created by those that have the deep web design skills.

Right now anyone with a phone and internet connection can start a blog with the help of content management system (CMS) and some cheap and easy to implement hosting like Namecheap and Smartweb.

If you need a good hosting plan you can use any of the two mentioned above hosting company.

You can as well read my article on how to create a blog with less than $10.

To make money from blog one must master some skills.

I’m not disputing the fact that what gives any blog popularity is content.

Aside good contents, one must go the extra miles to learn some quality SEO skills to rank well in Google search.

A good use of Google Search Console and Yoast SEO plugin will let you achieve this easily.

You can read my article on how to use the Google Search Console.

Aside the SEO, it will be an added advantage to learn some digital marketing courses.

You can get some good courses on Udemy.

If you’re on a tiny budget then Learn Digital with Google will come in handy.

Google create a list of over 150 courses on digital skills free for anyone who is interested in it.

Use the link above to access my article on it.

Haven’t given you the background basics to get you started in this long journey.

There are many ways to make money from the internet, you can also read my article on how i made $700 in 10 days trading forex

Let’s start speeding a bit.


  1. Selling E-books.
  2. Selling Online Courses.
  3. Offer Paid Freelance Services.
  4. Display Google Ads.
  5. Affiliate Marketing.
  6. Display Native Ads.
  7. Accept Guest Posting.

Selling E-book – This is one great way to make money blogging. To earn in this way, you must have an E-book.

To have an e-book, you either write it yourself or buy one and resell.

Personally I’ve tried this method and it works for me very well.

Good E-books cost a small fortune, when I see one I do recognize it straight away and do love to grab a copy.

A very good example was when I bought an E-book on how to open and run a PayPal account from Nigeira, The E-book explain how I can dribble my way to withdrawing my PayPal earnings over ATM in Nigeria.

Isn’t that awesome? The E-book is selling for N10,000 as at the time, I did some searches on Google to know if I can get the e-book for a cheaper price but to no avail.

I had no choice than to buy the E-book, immediately I got my hands on the book, I tried to practice the method in it.

Guess what? It worked, so the E-book was worth it.

The next thing I did was to repackage the E-book, create an E-book cover for it.

To make it look eye appealing, I created a blog post on how to create Paypal account and proffer the E-book as a very good solution.

As at the time I was selling the E-book for just N4,000.

That’s about 60% less.

The calculation was not to sell it higher; it was to sell more copies.

I went on to sell 12 copies within 2 months.

That’s N48,000 from reducing the price alone. And that’s N38,000 gain for doing nothing stressful not to talk of the fact that I deployed the method and make N4,000 –N5,000 on every $100 I bought from people that want to sell PayPal funds to me.

The PayPal E-book is currently selling for N2,500 right now on my site so seize this opportunity and get your hands on the E-book using this link. CLICK HERE

Hey! Don’t get me wrong, you can only deploy this method if you don’t have a whale of time or much experience to create an E-book as a beginner.

As time speed by, you will have to create your own UNIQUE products.

One great tip is try as much as possible to gather E-mail list while you’re busy rebranding anything called E-book you get your hands on.

This e-mail list will come in handy when you have your product. That time you won’t have to do much.

Just a follow up newsletter will do the magic.

You can read my article on How to make money through affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

Selling Online Courses – Selling online courses is quite different from E-book.

The difference between then is that online courses are in sections, you have to break it down to different sections and parts so it will be easy for whoever want to take such course.

For example, below is a picture of Instagram course I bought on Udemy.

From the screenshot you can see the course is in six phases.

The essence of this is to make the course easy to read and implement.

At the end of every phase or section, there will be exercises to carry out to be sure you’re really getting the lecture.

If you need you need the Instagram course just drop a comment stating you need it and I will send you a copy?

This is one big family called slooreviews.com, from time to time I give out free tips and materials to help your online earning.

Feel free to come here and hang around with us okay?

In a summary, you can create an online course if you can create an E-book.

The only thing you have to do differently this time is breaking down the whole steps involved into phases and section.

Create questions and exercise for each phase and section so anyone taking the course will be more committed and be more attentive while reading every bit of it.

If you don’t follow this guideline while creating your course, you might get bad feedback from those who end  up buying a copy.

We humans can be funny at times, if you’re reading this then I expect you to be human and not robot.(ROBOTs are not welcome here…lol)

Most people like to put blames on others when things don’t work their way.

Your course might be very explanatory but if a buyer finds it difficult to comprehend, he or she will no doubt blame you and worst drop a negative feedback which can further affect your sales.

In a nutshell, make your course very explanatory like it’s meant for kids to understand.

Offer Paid Freelance Service – This is a very juicy hustle, freelance sites like fiverr and Upwork isn’t a nice to work on as a Nigerian.

To work on it you have to brace yourself and market yourself. Sell yourself so they can patronize you.

What I meant by those lines above is you need a blog or niche website to publish article consistently.

If you have a site that is thriving then why not create a fiverr gig relating to the area of site and create content for people?

Many Nigerians have made millions of Naira from Fiverr and there are many more still making the money.

Below is a Fiverr account of a young Nigerian Lady making a good living by writing articles for people (Freelancing) on fiverr.

From the screenshot above you would see she has over 1,000 positive reviews.

Her cheapest gig cost $15 so if we multiply 1,000 by 15 that’s $15,000 and that’s approximately N5.2M ..that’s over 5 million Naira that she has made from Fiverr.

I think this is better than being idle and looking for job that will over use you and pay you shitty money.

The lady in question here doesn’t have a website though. So entering the same hustle with a website is an added advantage for you.

There are other Nigerians making at least 1 million from this method monthly.

Pick up yourself and make some money today man.

Display Google Ads – Every blogger has this dream of displaying Google Ads on his or her blog.

This Ads is made possible through Google by their service called Adsense.

At a point where a blog site start getting good traffic, the owner (blogger) will like to have adsense ads on the site to earn some money of course.

I’m sure you can see some Adsense ads on my site while reading this article, if by chance anyone is interested in any anyone of the advert and clicks on it.

Google will pay me for that click.

To make a good earning by running Google Ads you have to have load of traffic.

To have load of traffic, you have to have good content on your site and also promote your site.

You can read my article on how to generate traffic to your blog site.

Hey! Spice the content up by making it SEO friendly.

You can also read my article on how to apply for Google adsense account and get approved.

Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is another good way of making money as blogger.

What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a type of performance based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by affiliate’s own effort.

I hope those lines doesn’t sound technical? In other words, affiliate marketing is when you promote other people’s products and by so doing you get a commission when people you refer make a purchase.

There are so many foreign site one can promote their products and get a sizable commission.

These sites includes ShareASale Affiliates, Amazon Associates, eBay Partners, Shopify Affiliate Program, Clickbank, Rakuten Marketing Affiliates, Leadpages Partner Program, StudioPress Affiliate Website.

If you intend to stay away from those site mentioned above then you can try some Nigerian sites like Jumia affiliates, Konga affiliates, Web4Africa affiliates, WakaNow affiliate program, WhoGoHost affiliate program and many others.

Hey! Don’t make things hard by trying to go into all the affiliates programs, carefully hand pick 3 of them and put in maximum dedication to make it a success.

Don’t “try to be Jack of all trades, master of none”

You will do well to read my article on the 7 great affiliates programs that pays high commission in Nigeria.

Display Native Ads – Displaying Adverts from companies or individuals can really bring in good income.

This is not easy to come by though. You have to put in a lot of work before this can actually be feasible.

Blogs with high DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) get approached easily for such ads.

Sites like Nairaland, Naij, Lindaikeji makes millons from this form of adverts.

Don’t wait for companies to approach you, you can as well market yourself to some small upcoming companies for a small amount and you will be surprise how things might turn out if their ads on your site actually convert.

Hey! Don’t get discouraged just yet, keep on working and you will surely reach that stage one.

Accept Guest Posting – Guest posting is the act of contributing a post to another blogger’s website.

The essence of doing this is to get a link back to your site.

This way the external link of your site will greatly increase which will in turns positively affect your site traffic.

Popular sites accept this very well, ogbongebog charges N30,000 for a single guest post their blog.

InfoGuideAfrica charges N10,000 for a single guest post and the good aspect is that they get multiples of that in a month, isn’t that great?

It takes time and lot of work to get to this stage in blogging, if you talk to the owners of the above mentioned blogs they will tell you how hard it is to achieve such feat,

Learning from this blog, you will achieve that faster and make a great deal of money for yourself.

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