How to get blog readers to your blog site

How to get blog readers or more blog readers is one of the most asked question between the blog sphere, it’s pretty hard to get committed readers for your blog because there are millions of maybe thousands of site carrying the same set of information your site has so the completion will be somehow tight.

So to make a difference and stand out from the rest, you have to be good at what you do, you have to be outstanding, you have to provide the best content and play the game right.  Yeah I mean it, there’s a game out there that you must play well to stay relevant and get more blog readers.

So basically you have to do 3 important things to get more committed blog readers, these 3 things are

  1. Great content
  2. Social media presence
  3. Good SEO practices

Great content:  I can’t stress this enough, most bloggers do copy and paste, hey I’m not saying you should write on a separate or new things that has never existed before, if you do then people might not find interest in reading about it, your post must address a situation, a difficulty that people are facing,.

Your post must bring an ending solution to such situation you’re addressing. There is a very good chances that your next article is on another site, it will be a dangerous move to go copy it and publish it on your website in order to have more articles which you think will bring more blog readers to your site, if you try this , there are chances of facing problems, the good aspect is you can lose your site when the original author of the article report your site for copyright related issues and worst Google can crawl on the article on your site and realized you copied it and it will be a bad reputation for your site.

Apart from the having a good content, you must know how to interact with your audience, must bloggers failed to note that your dedicated blog readers know how you sound, so if you copy and paste articles from other site then they might not connect well with you on that article, I notice this a lot of times and accuse guys that practices such.

Interacting with your blog readers does not means that you have to crack jokes every time in your article, people get tired of reading lengthy blog post/articles, but Google like them, you have to write a lengthy blog post , and in order to keep your readers reading through the whole length of your blog post, you must play a vital role in making things easier for them by making the write up easier to read by spicing it up with good quality images, gifs and emoji that goes along with your storyline, use simple English so people won’t get lost in your write-up due to big grammars.

Most blog readers don’t have the chill to go look a word up in the dictionary and come back to your site so when you try to show off your mastery skills at the sue of English language by using big words then readers can scan through your lengthy post still not get the message you’re passing across and you know what?

That reader won’t read any other article on your site, he/she won’t drop a comment, but when they do it will for sure be a negative one. I am sure you don’t like the sound of that so you will do well to keep things simple very explanatory.

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Do not forget that you can get a decent numbers of readers or page views per day if you have good content, my site slooreviews.com for example has only 32 articles as at the time of writhing this article and I have nothing less than 150 page views per day, a single article that I wrote on how to make a fake video call has about 7,000 page views , though that was the most viewed article on my site before i had issues with my host and restart it. (sad).

So a good article or blog post will generate good numbers of blog readers, am not saying you will have a large number of blog readers right from the moment you have a good article on your blog, as a beginner it will take 3 months of consistent quality content to turn it in good numbers, after the first 3 months you will be glad you followed the right steps.

This is off the record,  I’m not saying you should practice it, but sometimes I buy eBooks so I can read them and re-write them in my own words and publish it free for my readers, this shows how much  time and resources I’m willing to sacrifice in order to have something meaningful to post.

One last thing is, blogging is not a get rich quick scheme so you will be disappointed when you start a blog with those motives.

Social Media Presence: 

There is a good chance that every first time reader will forget your site once they close the tab and leave, how do you make them remember so they can visit next time? Social media comes in handy at this point, you will do well to set up an official twitter , Facebook, instagram  and LinkedIn account for your site so your blog readers can follow you on those above mentioned social medial pages so they can get the updates anytime you post a new article on your site. Note that your blog readers will get bored if you only share articles from your site on your site’s social medial account, so you have to spice things up to have more engagements which will result in more followers, I have a very good article here that will teach you how to grow your twitter followers.

Personally I use Facebook and Twitter at the moment here are screenshot of my site’s social media pages respectively, you can follow it so you will never miss out on any of my great articles next time.

Another social media platform that is working magic is Quora, personally I have been using Quora for the past 9 months and it has helped a lot, for example, my article on how to open a USA verified PayPal account in Nigeria has gained over 1k views on the platform alone and has helped my site immensely. Don’t just head on to Quora without reading the tips to rank high and stay safe on there, Quora also has a partnership program that you can earn for just writing on the platform, apart from the fact that 90% of the user on the platform are shilling their venture or merchandise you can still get paid, for now the Quora program is by invitation from Quora alone.

below is the screenshot of my partners account from Quora.

Apart from having an official social media pages for your site, you need to encourage your readers to share your articles on their social media account(s) so others can benefit from it, this way you will have more readers and more, there is nothing wrong in sharing a good article from someone’s site on your social media pages, I still do that till date, I see it as a way of appreciating the blog owner for taking the time to write a good article that benefit me.

Lastly, try as much as possible to keep up with the reactions you get on your social media pages , try to reply to comments so your followers will know you really value what they have to say, make friends with your readers , I mean professional friends so they can become long time readers. About 24 hours ago I met one of my blog reader physically and I was amazed, the meeting was based on pure business, he reached out to me about my post on how to make money from Bitcoin in Nigeria, this shows that if you have good contents you have everything to gain and on the contrary , you have everything to lose.

Good SEO Practices:

This very important like the other two points I mentioned above, this works magic and should be taking with all forms of serious and must be followed to the latter. Google has provided a web master tool called Google search console, this helps to get your site and article indexed and make it easier for them to come up in Google searches, so you must learn how to use the Google search console if you really want to grow your readers and your blog, the SEO aspect is not only done via the webmaster page alone, you must also learn how to write an SEO rich article , combing the writing skill and the webmaster service will really help your blog grow.

I can’t stress this SEO point enough, an article on my blog that teaches people how to make fake video call on hangout has over 7k views all thanks to SEO practices and well-structured article, when writing a post for your blog you must give your best, but cases whereby your best if not enough then I will suggest you do some serious research to make the article a lasting solution to what you’re addressing.

On the other hand if you don’t know how to write a well-structured SEO article then you need to read up on that too, when you carefully combined these skills there is a high possibility for you to rank high on Google and indirectly that means more money if you’re good at information marketing.

I will be happy to hear from you if you have compliment, accusation, question and suggestion.

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