How to Establish a Grasscutter Farming Business and Earn from It.

In Nigeria, there are numerous ways to make money both digitally (online) and offline (physically). Despite the economic crisis ravaging the country, people are still making money from many profitable businesses they can lay their hands on. One of the most profitable businesses you can establish or start is the Grasscutter farming business. In other words, it is also called the bush meat farming business.

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Starting the Grasscutter farming business in 2021 might sound quite rural, pastoral, or Arcadian especially in this digital world where digital skills and profession are now the trends of the 21st century, but it might be of interest to you that starting a Grasscutter farming or a bush meat business in 2021 is one of the most pastoral, yet profitable business in Nigeria and West Africa when you properly monetize it leveraging the power of the internet (digital). This is because, for many years, bushmeat has been high in demand for meat in Nigeria and West Africa.

In this article, we’ll discuss Grasscutter farming, business establishment, marketing, and sales.

Starting the Grasscutter Farming Business in Nigeria: An Overview.

If you decided to go into this, you’ve made a very profitable decision. Although, it all depends on how well you manage the business.

The Grasscutter is a kind of rodent also known as Greater Cane Rat is a very delectable kind of rodent when prepared into different African soups like Ogbono, Gbegiri, Egusi, and rice stew. Therefore, it would be of profit to you with proper marketing and target audience.

Actually, the audience is everyone who eats meats and has a love for bushmeat. It is an excellent source of protein.

Although, establishing the Grasscutter Farming Business will thrive mostly in the rural areas, but can also thrive in the urban areas and cities if you market it properly. It could earn you as high as N3-4 million annually in profit if properly managed.

The Grasscutter itself.

The Grasscutter itself is a very delectable kind of rodent. It is not resisted when cooked in a soup or fried with stew. In local restaurants across Nigeria, it is usually eaten with a gourd of palm wine. In contemporary restaurants in Lagos and cities across West Africa, Grasscutter is usually stewed, roasted, or fried.

The Grasscutter is one of the biggest kinds of rodents. It is nearly as big as a porcupine. When fully matured, it grows to about 60cm in height and 8.5kg in weight.

Also, it grows very quickly and reproduces younger ones very quickly. After a gestation period and pregnancy of about 150 days, the female Grasscutter produces about 4-7 (averagely) younger ones at a time. It reproduces twice a year. So in a year, you can expect 10-20 younger ones from a female Grasscutter.

So, if you’re really serious about this business, even as a side hustle, you should be earning almost a million naira annually.

Starting Up a Grasscutter Farming Business Proper.

To start a Grasscutter Farm and turn it into a business, you’ll need capital of about 250,000-500,000 Naira. Well, it depends on how large you want the farm or business to be.

To start, you’ll need to understand the following for a good startup.

1.  Colony:

A Grasscutter colony consists of a healthy make that can reproduce and 3-4 genetically healthy female Grasscutters that are fertile. It is important to note that for a colony to be reproductive, all Grasscutters that make up the colony must be healthy.

2.  Healthy Breeding

The main purpose for keeping a Grasscutter Farm in the first place is for meat consumption. Nobody likes to eat unhealthy meat. So you have to be technical and advanced about the health system of your breeds. The success of the Grasscutter Farm depends on healthy breeding.

Having talked about what you need to understand, let’s get to the requirements you need to start a Grasscutter Farm and make a business from it.

Grasscutter Pen: A pen is where your Grasscutters live. A pen consists of a colony, which consists of one healthy make and 3 genetically healthy females.

The Grasscutter pen should be constructed in such a way that it is blocked at the back and opened at the front. You may use light metal material to also construct the Grasscutter cage, creating a different space for living, because Grasscutters don’t like sleeping where they eat.

Water Channel: Of course water is an adequate source for successful Grasscutter farming. Make sure you give them the best of water. In fact, give them water directly from where you drink yours. Also, the water should have attractants so they can be compelled to drink.

Grasscutter Feeds: Grasscutters are herbivorous rodents. In fact, for the best of health in terms of feeding, you should feed them vegetables, fruits, potato (another kind of veggie), maize, green grasses and so on.

Research: At all times you must always make research from livestock experts so you can drink from their well of knowledge on animal farming.

Always keep your farm away from snakes and soldier ants. In fact, you shouldn’t set establish your Grasscutter farm where soldiers ants, or snake would appear.

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