How to Make 100k From YouTube Every Month Doing Nothing.

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how to make money on YouT

Making money from YouTube is one of the most lucrative and very legit ways to make money online. For a decade now, YouTube has been a source of income for many bloggers, digital marketers, journalists, freelancers , and vloggers. Also, YouTube is the second largest search engine. This is because it provides solution to all problems and answers to all questions through quality video contents. There is nothing you search on the YouTube search box, you won’t find. It is owned by Google. This means, for every thing you search on Google, there is a video content for it on YouTube.

Anually, YouTube generates over $15 billion which is a huge lot of money. In that $15 billion, over 60% in ad revenue is going to YouTube content creators across the globe. In other words, $8 billion worth of ad revenue is going to YouTube content creators. This simply means if you have a YouTube channel that is thriving with millions of views and thousands of subscribers, you stand a high chance of getting a piece of cake from the $8 billion revenue. In simple terms, you can make money from YouTube. But in this post, I will guide you through how you can make over a 100k a month doing nothing on YouTube. When I say do nothing, I mean you do not have to sit in front of a camera and record yourself rambling to your audience. Read on.

how to make money on YouTube
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How to Make Money on YouTube

Although making money on YouTube is not biscuit, but with hardwork, quality research, quality videos, and consistency, you can earn over a 100k a month.

So, moving on to making money on YouTube without doing anything like recording yourself or creating videos.

Making Video compilations

Creating video compilations is one of the most unique and popular ways to create YouTube contents without having create a video yourself . All you have to do is gather interesting videos and merge them into a single video. This method makes your video a little bit unique. Once people get acquainted to your YouTube channel for gathering videos.

Upload Videos from Social Media

Social Media has been a credible source for many content creators and YouTube content creators. If you have an eye for interesting, engaging and entertaining videos on social media, you can share that video by uploading it to your YouTube channel. Although, you give credit to the source.

YouTube on a Unique Niche

Making money on YouTube requires you to create videos on a unique niche. The most popular niches on YouTube are Entertainment, Tech, Sports, and How To’s. You can deviate from the norm and start a unique niche nobody has done before by looking for contents outside of these mentioned niches. But make sure it is something informative, educative, and entertaining. This way, your channel is and once you gain a lot of subscribers and views, you make money from YouTube.

Bottom Line

Once you have unique videos uploaded to your YouTube channel regularly, you are sure to make money from YouTube when you have enough subscribers and enough views. However, it will be detrimental if you upload other people’s video content directly to your own. You are doing video plagirarising. Also if you must compile videos and upload videos from social media, you must give credit your source(s) of contents.

For a detailed video content on how to make money on YouTube please watch our YouTube video below. Also, do endeavor to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more quality video contents on business investment, business reviews, and how to make money online from different legit ways.



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