How to Make Money on WhatsApp Monthly.

If you have popular social media accounts like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram, surely you’ll be surprised how you can make money from these social media accounts you own. Even if you are not a social media influencer, with your social media and basic advertising and marketing skills, you can have extra money to put in your wallet, pay your little bills, or even save up your earnings for something bigger in the future. So, in this post, I will be showing you several ways to earn money on WhatsApp.

Almost everyone who uses an android smartphone uses WhatsApp, yet they only send messages, and make voice and video calls with it. They do not know how to monetize their WhatsApp accounts. Well, that is what we will talk about in this post– how to monetize your WhatsApp and earn money monthly. However, this post is not one who would give you impossibilities or a make-a-million monthly kind of lie. No. This will only help you realize how much is possible for you to earn with WhatsApp.

Moving on, let’s dive in to the several ways you can monetize and make money on WhatsApp.

Make Money on WhatsApp through WhatsApp TV

If you are creative enough to engage audiences in useful, instructive, and entertaining information, then a WhatsApp TV is a good one for you to start with. If you have thousands of viewers through WhatsApp, you can help market products to reach potential clients. Here are three reasonable ways to make money from your WhatsApp TV:

If you have enough views or engaging audience, they could turn into leads for small business owners. What you need to do is help them advertise their products and services for a reasonable fee. You help them look for customers.

Sell Affiliate links and products

Through WhatsApp TVs, you can sell affiliate links and products from Jumia, Amazon, eBay, etc through your WhatsApp TV. If you have a wide range of audiences, you can reach out to them with products or services you think they need and sell out. You earn a lot from WhatsApp alone through this brilliant strategy.

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Promote Upcoming WhatsApp TVs

One unique way to make money through your WhatsApp is to promote upcoming WhatsApp TVs. All you need to do is introduce the WhatsApp TV you are promoting to your Status and encourage your own establish audience to also get information from there for a reasonable fee. However, it could result to a competition between your WhatsApp TV and the other. This is just advertising too.

Sell Your Products on WhatsApp.

To sell your products on WhatsApp, it is recommended for you to create a WhatsApp business profile where you can sell your products and services through creative advertisements on your WhatsApp status. Like I have mentioned earlier, you need basic marketing and advertisement skills for you to get started on WhatsApp marketing. So, with this, you can promote your business through WhatsApp groups, TVs and your own status. You can link up with successful WhatsApp TVs to advertise your products and services to potential customers.

Create a Team of Reposters.

For your business to thrive, you need to network and connect with people who would help you promote your business online. One brilliant way is to create a small team of those who would share your products and services on social media and make it go viral. In fact, if you and your team are known for making products and services go viral on social media, you could make money by establishing a social media advertising agency. That is really cool and quite lucrative.


As you now realize that WhatsApp is capable of making you earn online, you should also know that WhatsApp and other social media platforms can make you become victims to fraudulent activities. Also, earning from WhatsApp is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but another side hustle that never makes your wallet totally dry.

If you would like to watch a detailed guide on making money from WhatsApp monthly, please watch the YouTube video below and ensure to subscribe to our second YouTube channel, Sloo Hustle for more quality video contents on entrepreneurship, side hustle, and investments.

How to make 250k monthly on WhatsApp.

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