How to Make Money With TIkTok.

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Make money online

Just like Instagram and other video sharing platforms like Likee, Snapchat, etc, TIkTok is a video sharing platform that  emerged in 20… and became popular on people’s smartphone during the lockdown period marked by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. This is when it hit 2 billion downloads from the Google Play Store.

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TIkTok was designed to create video clips on anything. It could be comedy, lifestyle, event highlights, brand style or short video advertisments, and even video and dance challenges, which have become a trend since 2020.  

Making money on TIkTok— not many users of this video sharing platform think of it. Basically, as a TIkTok user you can do the following interesting and exciting things on TIkTok when you’re bored: 

Watch Videos: TIkTok is a platform full of interesting videos to watch. It is one of the few social media platforms that would show videos and make you laugh out of distress. On TIkTok there are many short exciting clips and trendy videos to watch.

Create Videos: As a TikToker you can also join the trend by creating video of what is trending at the moment. TIkTok is featured withanh tools that helps users to make a perfect video clip. 

Add Music: As you create your video, you can add your own soundtrack to it to complement your video. 

Interact: Just like every other social networking platform, users can follow accounts, share posts they like, drop comments and even more. But one more thing, you can also drop gifts.

How to Make Money With TIkTok

Like I’ve mentioned earlier in this post, not many TikTokers  have the idea of TIkTok monetization.

You could begin to earn from Tiktok through sponsorship opportunities from any of the numerous brands in your country when you’ve acquired millions of followers. This will make you quite eligible for sponsorship deals. The size of your sponsorship deals depends on your Tiktok engagements ratio. If you’ve got a high engagement ratio from your millions of followers then big brands are likely to present deals to you if you’ve become so influential on TIkTok. Engagement includes how many likes, comments and views you get. 

Getting High Engagement and Followers on TIkTok

Create a very catchy and engaging profile, one that would have a public appeal and still stand out from the others. Keep in mind that the contents of your Tiktok account is what gets you all the followers you greatly need. So take the pains to create a great profile and content

Also, go out of your way to make very interesting videos. Choose a niche that appeals to you, for example; comedy and regularly upload contents based on your niche

Then, link to your profile to your other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube etc

You could also find ways to push your videos and profile to as many places and connections as possibly can. Here is where friends come in handy. Get them to share you on their pages too!

With your already influential profile, approach brands and offer them to help them grow using your profile as an influencer at an attractive price. It would be wise to start with a growing company or brand and then work your way to the top.


From all that is said above, making money on TIkTok solely depends on the kind of content you make. Your contents determine your followers, which in turn determines your engagement. And then, your engagement determines your influence, which in turn determines your sponsorship deals. 



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