9pay.com.ng Reviews: Smart ways to pay your bills

9pay is a payment service owned by the telecommunication network ‘9 Mobile’ formerly known as Etisalat, this era of digital payment services in Africa is an interesting one.

Let’s dive in a little deeper to know what 9pay is capable of doing and how we can benefit from it.

9pay is pretty new but in no time people will start flooding the platform, seeing the success stories from digital payment systems like Rubies bank and Piggyvest, 9 Mobile did well to come up with a technology like 9pay to put their name competing out there.

Services offered on 9pay platform


data/airtime top up with 9pay

You can easily recharge your mobile number through the 9pay platform, all you have to do is type the desired phone number you want to top up and the amount you entered will be taken from your 9pay balance.

If your 9pay balance is less than the amount you wish to top up your mobile number with, then you can enter your ATM card details and the money will be deducted from your bank account.

You can also buy with credit plus, credit plus is only available to premium members.

This is better and faster than looking for airtime vendor around in your neighborhood or worst new area that you’re not used the terrain

Data: 9pay comes in handy when you need to top up your data balance, you can easily carry the operation on the platform.

The step is similar to that of airtime recharge, in fact you will be using the same form, and all you have to this time is changing the airtime option to that of data.

Gift: With this feature you can send airtime, data and money to your friends and family.


transfer with 9pay

You can transfer funds from your account to any phone number or bank account, so you don’t have to own a bank account before you can send payment to anyone.

This is an awesome feature as local banks can be a pain in the ass at times; there are other digital financial services that offer this feature too.

Piggyvest is an online/digital saving and investment platform that offers the highest interest on savings, they offer between 10%-12% that’s very high compared to the 4% offered by local banks.

You can read up about piggyvest HERE.

Rubies bank is another awesome digital bank that charges the smallest rate, read up on rubies bank Here.

Premium/Merchant account:  As a 9pay user you can apply for premium or merchant account of you meet up with the requirements.

Below are the requirements:

  1. You must have transacted on the 9pay platform for at least a month
  2. User must have transacted a minimum of N20,000 life time value
  3. You must provide the additional KYC details below
  4. You BVN will be validated, this validation will cost N20.

Payment of Bills: With 9pay you can pay your utility bills ranging from DSTV, GOTV, Electricity bill, Smile & Spectranet data subscription and StarTimes.

 Other things you can do on 9pay platform includes: Purchasing of movie ticket, Events, payment for flight ticket , payment of for online stores and bet account top up.

Meaning you can top up your bet9ja, Nairabet account right from the 9pay platform, which sounds like all payment solution in one pack right? that’s right.

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