LinkedIn Marketing: How to Market Yourself on LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn marketing

LinkedIn, for over a decade, has been a platform mainly accessed for professional social networking, connecting with new people, experts in your field, and most importantly allows job seekers to find better job opportunities and connections. Also, as a marketer, freelancer, or business owner, LinkedIn is a powerful platform to generate leads and turn them into potential customers. As a freelancer, LinkedIn is where you can exhibit the art of professionalism to get potential clients inundating your DMs. In one word, LinkedIn is where the money is. LinkedIn, apart from being a social networking platform, is a platform of opportunities to land your dream job, get sales, or get that kind of client you have always wanted to work for.

Although LinkedIn is one of the biggest social media platforms we’ve got out there, it is just more than a social media platform. As a professional, you cannot afford to underestimate the power of this professional networking platform. So, in the article, I will give you tips on how to market yourself on LinkedIn. Whether you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, or a professional looking for better employment opportunities, this post is a must-read for you.

What is LinkedIn Marketing?

As you must have gotten the idea of this article that LinkedIn is for professional connections, therefore the art of professionalism is highly required to get the most out of LinkedIn. It is just more than a social networking. So, LinkedIn marketing is the art of using LinkedIn to advertise your business, show-off your skills and ability for professional employment opportunities, foster business relationships and partnerships, market your imformation and content, and most importantly, to generate potential leads.

Over the years, LinkedIn has become a place for employment for many graduates. Also, people have begun to make a whole lot of money from LinkedIn. Harnessing the power of LinkedIn marketing brings you to seal bigger deals and make lots of money.

Leveraging the Power of LinkedIn Marketing.

LinkedIn, over the years has projected itself as more than a social network for meeting new people and making friends. In the real sense, LinkedIn is now a business place. It has graduated above the social media level— it is now a platform for generating business leads, securing potential clients and sealing bigger deals. If you have nothing doing on planet earth, do not go to LinkedIn; you’ll be oppressed by people’s successes in their various careers.

In fact, college students are now on LinkedIn. They are now preparing themselves for the world ahead of them. So, it is essential for you as an individual to know how to leverage the power of LinkedIn in your marketing. Because LinkedIn marketing is an essential part of content marketing strategy.

LinkedIn is important for social media marketing.

Social Media has prove itself to be more than just fun. In fact, apart from making big sales for people, it has also created jobs for many yoing people as social media advertisers, social media marketers, as well social media marketers.

LinkedIn is not left out as one of the most relevant social media platforms we’ve got out there. LinkedIn has prove itself to be an integral part of social marketing.

As a LinkedIn user, you get to display your content and view to hundreds of thousands of people.

LinkedIn is for Business 2 Business B2B connections.

Many companies have chosen to discuss business matters and strengthen business relationships and interactions on LinkedIn. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, LinkedIn has been used for professional business development.

Statistics also show that 41% of business to business marketers say that LinkedIn is their preferred platform to carry out business. In comparison, 21% of business to client say that LinkedIn is their preferred social media platform. This is to tell you that almost no informal activity happen on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Marketing helps you get more visibility and find your audience.

Leveraging the power of LinkedIn marketing helps you reach a wider range audience. With the right keywords, keywords research, and optimisation, your page and content not only get organic views from LinkedIn, you also get to be viewed on SERPs especially Google.

LinkedIn Marketing is great for lead generations.

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Many social media expert have agreed that LinkedIn has been a great place that business owners can generate leads that would quickly convert to potential client of leveraged properly.

Although, LinkedIn is under utilised bg many people in terms of lead generation in gge B2C perspective, it has by far functioned more than Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

How to Make Money on LinkedIn Professionally.

Spruce up your LinkedIn profile:

Many LinkedIn users have used Linked like it’s Facebook or Twitter; they’ve forgotten to spruce up or revamp their LinkedIn profile. Your profile is one of the most essential tool for making money on LinkedIn. It is quite different from your other social media pages. On your profile page, you have to include your work experience, your education, your business location, update your digital skills and include them, and state your past achievements in your past and present workplace or business. This way, you get 80% chance if attracting potential leads and biggerr employment opportunities.

Join or Create LinkedIn Groups.

Just like LinkedIn is for connecting to other professionals like you, it is also an essential thing for you to do either join or create LinkedIn groups to meet more people who are also interested in what you are doing. For example, you can join groups related to your business or job.

The joining of a group helps you to extend your network professionally. Your profile will appear at the right sidebar with the group member profiles. With this, it will make a better exposure to you to find a professionally relevant job by earning money.

You can grow your mailing list through LinkedIn groups.

Use Product Section to sell Products.

If you have a physical product or digital product to sell, using the LinkedIn can be a great way to earn money by using the products section.

The products section helps you create individual product listings on your company’s page or business page. Via the products section, you can upload video contents for your products and services and ask for recommendations.

You can also discuss in the groups you created or joined to most likely selling your products where people may find interesting to buy them. It even not appears like a sale pitch.

Give your LinkedIn profile a professional headshot.

Tweaking your LinkedIn profile to perfection is one thing. Yes, you get higher chances of being recommended, sealing bigger deals, or getting a job at a multinational company. In fact, with your LinkedIn profile you can get potential clients to hire you for service or buy your digital or physical product.

You might ruin your LinkedIn profile with your headshot or profile picture if it doesn’t look professional. LinkedIn is a social media platform, yes, but it’s quite different from Instagram where you post leisurely photos or selfies . Your profile picture must look like you’re a real business person. Probably, you get a photoshoot of you wearing a suit, looking like a CEO.


Having given you a few tips for attracting the good things of making money on LinkedIn, you must have realized that making money on LinkedIn is no two ways but meticulousness and professionalism.

Once you can tweak your LinkedIn presence, you sure to make very big money. Just follow the steps mention above and remember to update your LinkedIn profile regularly.



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