How to Promote Your YouTube Channel with Quora.

There are high chances that you, reading this post was looking to get your question answered to the best of answers. Now when you type a question on Google, it provides you the best of answers from the best websites that provide the best answers. One of the sites Google will rank on its first page is Quora.

Quora, since 2009 has been providing the most quality content in the form of answers to people’s questions or question-like problems. Quora is an online community where questions and answers are done. People ask questions, and they find answers similar or exact to their questions or wait for a while for potential answerers to see the question and attempt to answer it.

Since the existence of Quora over a decade ago, it has been such an invaluable website to network, connect, and get questions answered on almost any topic or niche at all. Whether you want answers or opinions on ”how to live in poor countries?”, ”What it is like living in the 1940s in Europe?”, or ”How do you get your kids not to trouble you anymore?” Quora as either, (most of the time) answered the exact question or something much more similar to that. In other words, no matter the questions you ask, you can always get answers.

Also, asides from getting your questions answered by members of the question-and-answer community, you can also answer questions to the best of your knowledge on Quora. By giving quality and detailed answers to people’s questions, you grow your influence on Quora, network with people and if you are fortunate enough, you can get leads if you have products or services to offer.

Well, enough of the gist about Quora, let’s get into how you can promote your YouTube channel with Quora. Hold on! One more factual gist on Quora: As of 2020, it has over 590 million visitors monthly. This because it is a quality website and online community that provides quality opinions and answers to questions. So Quora gets inundated every month by unique visitors.

Now Let’s Move on to how you can promote your Youtube channel using Quora.

If you have got a YouTube channel, you should know that it is the second-largest search engine in the world where problems are solved or information is gotten in the form of quality video content. So, if you have got A YouTube channel, and you want more subscribers and viewers to your channel, Quora can be an excellent strategy to drive traffic to your channel. In other words, you can promote your YouTube channel with Quora. Let’s get into the procedure.

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Sign Up on Quora

Signing up on Quora.com is the basic way of joining the online community and step to growing your YouTube channel with Quora. When your done signing up, you create your profile and your topics of interest. Probably the ones related to your YouTube niche or what you talk about.

Start Answering and Asking Questions

After signing up, you can be quite interactive by providing answers to questions and asking questions. Providing quality and detailed answers to questions regularly can get noticed by receiving upvotes and likes. The more quality your answers are, the more upvotes and claps you get. In fact, you can even be privately messaged by those whom you answered their questions.

Create an attractive and engaging profile.

On Quora, your profile speaks a lot about you and also speaks about what you do or what products and services you sell. On your Quora profile, you can let people know who you are and what you do by writing an interesting and attractive profile bio. On your Quora profile, you can also add your social media pages, websites’ URLs, and YouTube Channels. Something like this or better than this below

How to promote YouTube channel with Quora
Quora Profile

Create an Engaging Quora Space Related to Your YouTube Niche

On Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, we use ‘pages to market product and services, and promote. But on Quora, you can promote your YouTube channel by creating engaging spaces related to your YouTube channel niche. On this Quora space, you will create, you get to answer related questions on your space and write great articles too. This way, as you get more profile views your YouTube channel is bound to grow because they will want to check it out.

Write Unique Contents On your Space

As mentioned above, create a space and begin to write great articles on that space. If it is unique, informative and educating, you become a Quora Journalist. Also marketing becomes easy for you as a content marketer, vlogger or web content creator. Futhermore, if you create video contents to complement your opinion or article, once it goes viral, you’re gonna get YouTube subscribers as well. However, do not have the intention of straling subscribers from Quora. Your intention is to answer people’s questions and give opinions on certain topics.


Get to Write on Other Spaces Related to Your YouTube niche

On Quora, there are other big spaces you can join as a contributor to put great, informative contents related to your niche. As you create content on these spaces, giving your opinion on topics related to your YouTube channel and the space, you may begin to invite people to your channel especially when you drop a video to complement your Quora content.

However, to achieve your aim of promoting your YouTube channel, you should aim to add value to Quora and your YouTube channel will grow naturally.

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