How to recheck a facebook ads you onced clicked on

Have you ever came across a nice ads on facebook, clicked on it to check it out and scurry away to attend to other things but later on your mind flashed back and you really want to have a second look at the advert again?

If yes then I have found myself countless times in that bad corner, no where to turn to, no one to ask for the ads url and annoyingly you can’t search it out on Facebook, most at times you’re left with option of finding a sheer luck to stumble on the advert again or worst try to search the whole world wide web to get the single link out of the billions of links existing on the internet with new ones joining every seconds.

Few days ago I found myself in this situation so I thought to myself that there should be a way out of this.

This is 2019 and facebook should do well to include such functionality into their designs or something so while nurturing the thought I hit the web asking google to pull links relating to such contents out and BOOM! Google did exactly what I needed it to do by bringing out the best links so I navigated my way through and found something useful.

The feature to display ads you’ve clicked on before actually exist on facebook but on the app, so to recheck such advert(s).

Log on to your facebook account on the web (laptop, desktop, or using a mobile browser) once you’re successfully logged on, follow the follow steps to check the ads, practically all the ads you’ve clicked on before will be displayed to you so you can revisit anyone of your choice.

  • First step is scroll to the items displayed on the left pane, items in this pane includes; pages, groups, fundraiser, events, friend list e.t.c. click on “see more
how to recheck facebook ads
how to recheck facebook ads
  • From the options displayed to you, click on “Recent Ad Activity” then the Ads will be displayed on your screen with the date you clicked on each. And that’s it.
how to recheck facebook ads

Some might find themselves in such situation you found yourself before stumbling on this article which I believe dealt a huge blow to that problem by solving it, so why not help others solve this issue by showing this article on their screen?

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